Let’s face it, it is rare to find exciting innovation from the security industry’s big-dog conglomerates.  We usually expect change to be incremental and without surprise from these industry behemoths while the startups more commonly provide noteworthy new ideas, technologies, and solutions.  This is why we walked away from a […]

Innovative Ways of Harnessing Data to Manage Security Threats

Ethical Hackers Bring People Together to Discuss the Profession of Security Testing Black Hills Information Security (BHIS), is hosting a one-day information security conference, called Awareness Con (www.awarenesscon.com). The event will take place in Adel, Iowa on November 20th, in the Adel Public Library. The purpose of this event is […]

Penetration Testers Host a One-Day Awareness Event in Adel, Iowa

As everybody becomes more dependent on internet connectivity for work, recreation and socialization, we inevitably increase our risk of digital foul play. Below is a look at five industries that are especially susceptible to cybersecurity threats. Thankfully, they’re also well-positioned to make “cybersecurity 2020” a top priority through cultural and […]

5 Industries Doubling Down on Cybersecurity in 2020

While we are all aware that businesses and individuals are subject to identity theft in increasing numbers, did you know that child identity theft is also on the rise? Why is this happening? Children’s credit histories are often blank slates, and fraudsters may be able to get away with stealing […]

Preventing Identify Theft Is Not Child’s Play

Cities, factories and consumers are coming to rely on IoT technology. While it allows for the collection and use of huge amounts of data, it also creates new massive security risks. These devices aren’t always properly shielded against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RF interference or RFI) — whether […]

RF Interference and Security: 4 Things to Know

In August of this year, BSM posted an article outlining a conversation we had with Saumitra Das, CTO at Blue Hexagon. This piece, entitled When You Live and Die by the 1-Second Rule, examined an announcement from Blue Hexagon that introduced an industry-first ability to detect and stop, in real-time, […]

Deep Learning Solution Earns Perfect Score in Threat Protection Test

By Greg Young, Vice President of Cybersecurity at Trend Micro DevOps is the new engine for global business growth. All over the planet, organizations are becoming more responsive to changing market demands thanks to the roll-out of agile, automated development processes. Yet there are challenges. Cybersecurity remains the number one […]

Securing DevOps: Why Culture is Key to Driving Company-Wide Success

Each year, cybersecurity companies publish a number of research reports focusing on different aspects of cybersecurity and breach trends. A big shout-out to Brittney Regalado of 10Fold Communications for sending over the below list of some of the most alarming statistics from 2019 reports, just in time for Halloween. Arkose […]

Scary Security Stats

In cybersecurity breach de jour news it seems that a popular mobile social game company, Zynga Inc., was recently breached and gave up information on more than 218 million users.  While the breach itself was quietly announced by Zynga on September 12, 2019, they offered precious few details.  The story […]

Popular Game Company Zynga Breached

For most users – business or personal – price should not be the sole determining factor when it comes to choosing a backup storage provider.  You are backing up your data for a reason. Your data is important to you. That being said, there are few things as satisfying as […]

Backing up Your Data Is Critical for Security but How ...

On September 18, 2019, Trend Micro reported that they discovered a series of incidents where the credit card skimming attack Magecart was used to hit the booking websites of chain-brand hotels.  In their renowned Security Intelligence Blog they stated, “In early September, we found two hotel websites (from different hotel […]

Magecart Skimming Attack Targets Hotel Booking Websites

Having an employee download malware from a seemingly reputable website or fall prey to a well-crafted phishing campaign are pervasive threats for today’s employers.  More and more often it appears that the technical ability of the bad actor is keeping pace, or even outpacing, our ability to stand up effective […]

How to Safely Browse the Internet Without Worrying About Downloading ...