Black Hat 2018 was a huge success by whatever measure you choose.  Attendance was way up over our last visit to this conference.  The excitement in the air was palpable.  The keynote speakers were iconic.  Brilliance Security Magazine set out to interview as many industry experts and innovators as possible.  […]

Black Hat 2018 was a Huge Success – See What ...

Guest Contributor: Rilind Elezaj, Director of Digital Marketing, Creative27, Today, software is at the heart of all essential business processes, hence the need for organizations to build and enhance security into their respective information technology and application development process to avoid compliance violations, data breaches and also to protect the digital transformation […]

Integrating DevSecOps with Your App Development Lifecycle

Tripwire for DevOps SaaS Debuts – The first dynamic container vulnerability assessment service for the DevOps Pipeline PORTLAND, Ore. – August 2018 – Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, today announced the debut of Tripwire® for DevOps. After pre-releasing DevOps capabilities […]

Tripwire for DevOps SaaS Debuts – The first dynamic container ...

Malwarebytes teamed up with Osterman Research to take an in-depth look at the underlying costs of fighting cybercrime across 900+ organizations globally. To gain a deeper understanding of the insights illuminated by this research, Brilliance Security Magazine spoke with Adam Kujawa, Director of Malwarebytes Intelligence. Adam explained that for the first […]

The Underlying Costs of Fighting Cybercrime

The Asian Dark Web is one of the most difficult to penetrate.  “Many people have heard of it, while some might even have the courage to install the TOR browser and visit the dark web for themselves. Whether you’ve visited the dark web or not, it’s important to understand how […]

The Asian Dark Web – An Inside Look

By John Torres & Ron Chandler The Internet-of-Things (IoT) revolution has certainly taken the “cyberspace” by storm. According to a Forbes article published last year, by 2025, approximately 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. To put that in perspective, approximately 11 billion devices were connected to the […]

Practical Tips for IoT Security – Are You Secure?

When web application firewall vendors can’t meet your needs, what do you do? Well here is what the founders of Signal Sciences did when they couldn’t find the right solution for Etsy. In an effort to find out what is new in the Web Application Firewall (WAF) space, Brilliance Security Magazine […]

DevOps, Cloud, and Next-Gen WAF

On Wednesday Reddit reported that they were hacked and the attackers access an old database backup containing very early Reddit user data and logs containing the email digests they sent between June 3 and June 17, 2018.  Here’s what they had to say: “A hacker broke into a few of […]

Reddit Hacked – What the Experts Are Saying

Kaspersky Lab researchers have found a new crypto-currency miner – PowerGhost – which has hit corporate networks in several regions Kaspersky Lab reported yesterday, “Recently, an interesting miner implementation appeared on Kaspersky Lab’s radar. The malware, which we dubbed PowerGhost, is capable of stealthily establishing itself in a system and […]

PowerGhost Cryptominer Targets Business PCs and Servers

The renowned Amazon marketing machine was in high gear.  The promotions started more than a week before the event: Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce site, was launching its annual Prime Day on July 16, with 30 hours of deals online.  And then, at noon eastern time on Monday, as Prime members sat […]

Amazon victim of DDoS attack of its own making

Guest Contributor: Gary Hayslip, CISO Six Fundamental Precepts for the Modern CISO Role I remember growing up as a kid there was this bookstore near my house called The Cobblestone Bookstore. It was family-owned and in a strip mall. They had a section in the back of the store that was […]


Findings were reported today by HelpNet Security that  3,000+ mobile iOS and Android apps are potentially leaking PII data from unsecured Firebase databases.  So far, affected apps have been downloaded 620 million times for Android devices (the iOS download rate is unknown). Researchers with Appthority say 62% of enterprises are likely impacted by […]

3,000+ mobile apps leaking data from unsecured Firebase databases – ...

Business continuity is a concept that refers to the planning and preparation to make sure a company overcomes serious incidents or disasters and resumes its normal operations within a short period of time. This concept includes the following key elements: Resilience: critical business functions and the supporting infrastructure must be […]

Business Continuity Plans for Banks

Guest Contributor: Arturo Maqueo, Regional Sales Engineering Director LATAM, Flexenclosure The security of data – and in particular people’s personal data – has been a hot topic in recent months. The EU’s rollout of new GDPR regulations; the Cambridge Analytica scandal; or the seemingly weekly revelations of financial institutions or consumer […]

For Ultimate Data Center Security, Technology Alone is Not the ...

Big business loves big data.  Data is the fuel needed for today’s enterprise to move forward or to change direction.  Video is simply more data.  As security video has moved away from analog streams stored on tapes toward the ones and zeros more familiar to data analysts, businesses have been eyeing video […]

Cloud Video as a Service for Visibility into your Connected ...