Ad fraud – what is it and how is it a serious cybersecurity threat? That is what we set out to learn when we talked with Maggie Louie, Co-founder and CEO of DEVCON.  The term ad fraud may very well conjure up visions of a smarmy script kiddie in their […]

Is that Ad just Annoying, or is it Dangerous?

By Hannah Moses a contributing author for VPNetworks, LLC When owning a business, computer hackers are always a concern. There are a few ways to identify if you have been hacked. Fake emails are being sent out, increases in failed login attempts, DNS traffic rises, and inconsistency with patterns for […]

How to Protect Your Business from Hackers

Some of the more fascinating aspects of recent global security developments, including but not limited to GDPR, are the advances in encrypted communications that are now being introduced to the enterprise market. While encryption has long been used by militaries and governments to facilitate secret communication there are now more […]

Encrypted Team Messaging – Why, Where, and When

Marriott is investigating a data breach of its Starwood reservation system that could have exposed personal information for up to 500 million guests — making it the second-largest breach ever. That data could include passport numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers for 327 million people, while others may also have […]

Marriott Data Breach – What the Experts are Saying

By: Kayla Matthews WatchGuard Technologies, a leading cybersecurity company with more than 20 years in the business recently gave several predictions for 2019. Here they are, and why those forecasts matter to IT professionals and consumers at large. 1. The Rise of Malicious Chatbots Chatbots help people plan trips, cope […]

Nine 2019 Cybersecurity Predictions from WatchGuard Technologies

By: Julie Adams, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Living 101 In a modern smart home, everything from your smart thermostat, to your refrigerator to your baby monitor can be connected to the internet. This unarguably makes life more comfortable, but it also opens people up to a new risk – having their home […]

5 Ways To Prevent Your Smart Home From Being Hacked

43 Percent of Firms Do Not Know if Devices Accessing Corporate Data Have Downloaded Malware Bring your own device (BYOD) is a hot topic among cybersecurity professionals and business leaders. Today’s workers, particularly millennials, require the mobility to work from wherever they are and cloud solutions are enabling an ever-growing […]

More Than Half of Companies See Rise in Mobile Security ...

By Peter Kelley Bots are now hitting organizations of every size, across all industries – particularly retailers and the financial and payments ecosystem – with new ferocity. Financially motivated malicious bot attacks target the retailer’s web, mobile, and API applications, and results include: click fraud, account takeover, fake accounts, API […]

Cequence Marshals Advanced AI to Thwart Bots

Security teams are drowning in a flood of alerts. Alert fatigue affects even mature security teams. Few organizations can support the number of analysts that would be required to effectively handle the number of alerts their IDS will generate. If they can’t hire their way out of this problem they […]

Predict Threats, Gain Insight, and Make Informed Risk Decisions

  Convergence can be thought of as the integration of knowledge, tools, and activities for a common goal.  There is a tendency that, as technology changes, new systems evolve with enhanced capabilities allowing them to integrate data from more and more sources.  This tendency creates an opportunity for the emergence […]

Converged Security & Information Management

Tech Start-up TrackTik Inc. is seeing exponential growth for its first-of-its-kind security workforce management technology, expands across North America and Europe Montreal, November, 2018 – As demand for security services grows globally – with the size of the industry projected to increase six per cent annually over the next few years, reaching US$240 […]

With Worldwide Demand for Security Guards on the Rise, This ...

Most every physical security practitioner has wondered, at some point, why the security systems they use every day at work can’t be more like the IoT systems they use at home. Many of the systems we are becoming accustomed to at home provide fast intuitive interfaces that always seem to […]

Why Can’t Your Enterprise Surveillance System Be More Like Other ...