Heroic Unarmed Guards Stop Armed Assailant

David Owens — Image Credit: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

David Owens — Image Credit: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

As the cliche goes, it is smart and heroic if it works, but foolish and dangerous if it fails.  Kara Pendleton writes in the Independent Journal of two unarmed hospital security guards that successfully stopped an armed man from committing further harm after he killed a patient and a hospital employee.

Kara reports, “Around 2 a.m., David Owens, 29, entered Titusville’s Parrish Medical Center in Florida, made his way up to the third floor, and went into the room of 88-year-old Cynthia Zingsheim. In the room with her was Carrie Rouzer, 36, a hospital employee.  Upon entering the room, Owens opened fire on Zingsheim and Rouzer, killing both women.”  The gunfire triggered a Code Silver protocol and two unarmed guards responded.

A patient in the hospital is reported as saying, “They said he just ran and jumped on the guy, just leveled him right to the ground without any fear, without any hesitation,” [the patient] said. “It took two unarmed men to get this guy with a gun. What braver souls are out there?”

Wayne Ivey, Brevard County Sheriff, said “Both the security guards were actually unarmed, but their actions to attack the suspect and work as team kept others from getting hurt,” Ivey said. “There’s no question about that.”

It is unclear at this time what, if any, connection exists between the shooter and the victims.

It is unfair to “armchair quarterback” the actions of these two brave security guards, but the facts – as they are known – beg the question, “should hospital security guards be armed?”  Strong opinions exists on both sides of that issue.

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