Active Cyber Defense or Hacking Back

HackBack1Brilliance Security Consulting, in partnership with Brilliance Security Magazine is proud to offer a limited subscription premier source for news and information about Active Cyber Defense; Hack-Back Magazine.

Cybersecurity is too one sided.  The bad actors are always on offense and business is left with only defensive measures. Hack-Back Magazine is a weekly publication dedicated to advocating for and providing information about Active Cyber Defense, or Hacking Back, legally.

Only 5000 subscriptions will ever be offered for Hack-Back Magazine so our readers can be assured that they have access to valuable information that very few others have.  When 5000 subscribers has been reached no new subscriptions will be offered.  Subscribe now so you don’t miss this opportunity.

Insure that you and your team are informed about the latest active defense strategies, legal restrictions, and news related to actively protecting your systems and data.  Our weekly digital magazine is designed for senior level cybersecurity professionals that are interested in seeing our industry move beyond a “wait until they hit you to react” paradigm.

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