Anaheim Unified High School District Expands Deployment of TSG 360° to Katella and Kennedy High Schools

The Sobel Group also installs system at Ramona High School in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO – September 4, 2018 –The Sobel Group has begun expanding the deployment of TSG 360°, an immersive digital mapping service installed recently at Anaheim High School, at both Katella and Kennedy High Schools in the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) and at Ramona High School in San Diego County.

The system, which is created using highly specialized camera equipment and software, offers law enforcement officers and other first responders an integrated tool that helps them “see” every aspect of a campus in high-definition, before they set foot on school grounds, dramatically speeding response time and potentially saving lives.

“I am grateful to our Board of Trustees for keeping the issue of school safety at the forefront, with their decision to extend the digital mapping services to Katella and Kennedy high schools,” said Michael Matsuda, Superintendent of AUHSD. “Our goal is to eventually have the digital mapping in place at all nineteen of our campuses.  It is something concrete that we can point to that will have a measurable impact on school safety.”

TSG 360° stitches together tens-of-thousands of high-resolution photographs of a school, museum or other high-value facility to create a 360° x 360° tour of a building or campus. This provides a clear view of what is in each room, hallway, storage area and gathering place. These panoramic photos are then linked with digitized floor and site plans, giving first responders a real view of each space.

The TSG 360° service solves the problem of first responders’ lack of knowledge about a facility by providing complete and updated data about where they are heading and what they will find there. The service was developed The Sobel Group, Inc. founder David A. Sobel, a private investigator and retired law enforcement officer with more than 25 years of experience.

“As students head back to school this month, safety is paramount to every school district,” said Sobel. “As a retired police officer, I know first-hand what it means to open a door and enter a room or run down a hall without knowing what is ahead. TSG 360° offers a tremendous advantage because it takes just 30 seconds to access, and ongoing updates means plans are never out of date.”

Traditionally, law enforcement has had limited information when arriving on campus, such as maps that show building locations, but not what is inside. Often, once on site, they must request floor plans, which can significantly delay response times. And, sometimes, those plans are out of date, adding to the anxiety.

The school district or venue is the customer that purchases the service and provides access to the system to law enforcement. It can be deployed from almost anywhere on a desktop, laptop or tablet. The officer begins using an aerial map and can click on a building or location. Once “inside”, they can view entrances and exits, utility tie-ins, hazardous material locations (such as a high school chemistry lab), and potential hiding spots of suspects.

Earlier this year at a demonstration at Anaheim High School, Julian Harvey, Anaheim (Ca.) Interim Police Chief, called TSG 360° “a game changer. It reduces the danger and response time for first responders, while assisting in locating a suspect. It won’t prevent a shooting, but we know that time is of the essence when dealing with those situations.”

TSG 360° is very cost efficient, and Sobel sees other more benign applications for the service.

“Facility managers love this service,” he added. “So, do school architects. Anyone who needs to make and track changes to a school or other venue can do it from their desk, which saves travel time, and, they can always find the most updated plans.”

TSG is nearing completion of installations at the North Orange County (Ca.) Continuing Education (NOCE) campus in Anaheim and the Administrative campus of North Orange County Community College District.  They are housed together in a high-rise building.

In addition, the company is implementing its first system in San Diego County. That project, at Ramona High School, will be completed in the coming weeks.

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