Elite Interactive Solutions Hosts South Bay Law Enforcement & Business Leaders

Elite Interactive Solutions hosts luncheon to engage law enforcement with the community to provide the latest news in security innovation.

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. FEBRUARY 08, 2018. Community leaders in business and law enforcement gathered at a luncheon hosted by Elite Interactive Solutions to receive the latest news in security innovation.

Focusing on the field of Remote Guarding, former El Segundo Police Chief Mitch Tavera introduced the event by highlighting the positive impact of Remote Guarding on law enforcement nationwide. The advancements in this field compelled him to join Elite Interactive Solutions as their law enforcement liaison, with the goal of keeping other officers apprised of how innovations in the security industry have a positive effect on their efforts out in the field. Among those in attendance were law enforcement professionals from throughout the South Bay, including Chiefs of Police from Inglewood and Hermosa Beach.

Tavera shared with the attendees that a major element impacting his decision to join Elite involved to-date results, where Elite has helped prevent nearly 80,000 crimes and partnered with law enforcement agencies to bring in over 1,200 arrests. Elite Interactive’s version of Remote Guarding solutions puts a focus on proactive security to stop crimes before they start, and to enhance arresting and prosecution of criminals.

An important goal of the luncheon was to share how both law enforcement and their commercial constituents benefit from Remote Guarding. Local business representatives from companies such as Boeing, Enterprise, and the Aerospace Corporation were in attendance to learn the advantages of the Remote Guarding flavor of remote video monitoring. Elite clients are experiencing never before seen levels of crime prevention at dramatically lower operations cost, benefiting from the Internet of Things approach fundamental to the success of Remote Guarding. Major corporations have been seeing significant, concrete, and real-world improvements in their security results, including significant decrease in violent crime, vandalism, and theft throughout their properties.

Elite hopes to increase the collaboration between law enforcement and other companies as more businesses become aware of the vast benefits of this valuable security method.

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Elite Interactive Solutions is a Remote Guarding pioneer and leader in offering security solutions that provide clients with dramatically more effective security at greatly reduced costs when compared to traditional guard services. The proprietary combination of staff, systems, and processes help clients avoid losses and set new standards in crime prevention. Many of Elite’s clients are the national and worldwide leaders in their industries.

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