SecOps Europe 2018 to host real time cyber-attack simulations with governmental CERTs

European Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge Qualifying Event at SecOps Europe 2018

Budapest, December 2017  – SecOps Europe 2018 conference and expo on IT security operations is inviting participants from all over the world to share their outstanding knowledge in practice. Computer Emergency Readiness Teams – Computer Security Incident Response Teams when in action – and students of higher education are called upon to compete in real time cyber-attack operations. The Tabletop Exercise among student teams will be the official qualifying of the European Cyber 9/12 finals in Geneva. This will be followed by a technical attack and defend cyber activity between governmental CERTs. Travel expenses to Geneva will be covered for the winners of the TTX competition and their mentor.

The SecOps Europe 2018 is an international conference and expo on IT security operations which has been evolving in Hungary for two years now. This will be the third time when IT security professionals get together in order to share their knowledge and ideas furthermore participate in wide-ranging cyber simulations.

SecOps Europe’s objective is to develop cyber security awareness with high level education applied in practice.’

The European Cyber 9/12 qualifying is offering best practice to every participant to prepare for the finals. Teams will even be able to win a trip to Geneva with all expenses covered by SecOps Europe. The goal of the competition is to prepare young professionals to execute the proper security measures during an extensive cyber-attack and its governmental level remediation together with the reactive communications about the occurrence. The organizers are expecting participants from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom however teams are welcome from any country from Europe and also from other parts of the world. This TTX – Tabletop Exercise – competition will take place on the first day of the event.

On the second day governmental CERTs – Computer Emergency Readiness Teams – will be taken on the role of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). As blue teams they will help a power plant and distribution centre based in Louisville, Ohio to prevent breaches from the red team while responding to cyber attacks. In the virtual infrastructure the power plant has an office network and a control network where the second one is responsible for controlling physical processes required for power generation. The CSIRTs will be called upon to handle an incident in which archived process data is mysteriously lost. This will be followed by numerous major incidents, including a massive blackout in the city of Canton. This special cyber exercise will be taken place in the expo area and, could be followed there or on big screens placed all over the venue.

The members of each CSIRT are highly qualified IT security experts who are on standby 24/7 and provide real time responses to cyber-attacks and incidents defending a network of a country or economy.’

The event will take place in Budapest, Hungary on January 24-25, 2018. The presentations, competitions and cyber exercises will all be held in English. The entry is free for everyone and the organizers could also be helpful with finding a favourable accommodation for the visitors and participants from foreign countries.

Zuk Avraham, the well-known white hat hacker will also be given a presentation on the conference. He is known for developing a mobile malware security application which recognizes and prevents malicious activities on devices in real time from even newly developed and unknown threats.

Applying for the European Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge Qualifying is possible until 10th of January, 2018 and can be done via email at

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