Black Hat Conference 2015

Brilliance Security Consulting caught up with Brian Czarny (it’s easy, the C is silent, Brian said), Senior Vice President of Marketing for TeleSign, at the Black Hat 2015 Conference in Las Vegas. His explanation of who TeleSign is and what they do is quite fascinating. Who do big consumer facing […]

Who Is Protecting Your Identity When You Create An Account ...

Brilliance Security Magazine had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Ashish Vaid, Vice President of Technology for Akana, at the Black Hat 2015 conference in Las Vegas.  His enthusiasm for and in-depth knowledge of the use, growth, direction, and security issues related to APIs was quite impressive. Many companies […]

The API is the new website – An interview with ...

Brilliance Security Magazine sat down with Professor Yehuda Lindell, Chief Scientist & Co-founder, of Dyadic at Black Hat 2015.  Dyadic delivers encryption and authentication solutions by having private keys split between multiple locations, safe from rogue admins, stolen credentials, device compromise or any single zero-day or malware. Prof. Lindell said […]

How Do You Keep A Secret Key Secret?

Known as the first person a hacker calls when in trouble, Jennifer Granick, Director of Civil Liberties for the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School gave the opening keynote speech for the Black Hat 2015 conference in Las Vegas, August 5th. Considered by many to be a […]

Black Hat 2015 Keynote – The Lifecycle of a Revolution