by: Steve Bowcut

by: Steven Bowcut, CPP, PSP Election officials worry about cybersecurity threats that may affect the midterm elections – but is that the real threat? Last December a bipartisan group of six senators introduced the Secure Elections Act.  This bill intends to streamline cybersecurity information sharing in an effort to help […]

Cybersecurity Threats and the Midterm Elections

Following SIA’s research to develop the Security Megatrends™ –an annual research project that reports on the top trends reshaping the security industry – SIA and ISC West worked together to make sure those themes would be addressed at the 2018 event, particularly as part of the SIA Education@ISC lineup. Brilliance Security Magazine […]

SIA’s Megatrend: Cyber Meets Physical Security

 Venafi®, the leading provider of machine identity protection announced the results of a study of how retail organizations manage and implement Secure Shell (SSH). Over one hundred IT security professionals from the retail industry participated in the study, which reveals a widespread lack of SSH security controls. According to Venafi’s […]

Infographic: 81 Percent of Retail Organizations Lack Comprehensive Management of ...

Brilliance Security Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Cujo AI’s marketing department.  They gave us an overview of their Internet Security Firewall device.  This device, or system really, is designed to protect all the various connected devices in your home.  It resides between your WiFi router and your devices and protects […]

Cujo AI Internet Security Firewall Product Review

Survey report uncovers key challenges and solutions to combating the rapid rise in cyber threats, faster and more reliably amidst security talent shortage WASHINGTON February 27, 2018–Crowd Research Partners today released the 2018 Threat Hunting Report, providing critical insights into the state and practice of cyber threat hunting to proactively […]

Cybersecurity Study Reveals Rise of Threat Hunting to Combat Wave ...

Easy-to-Use, Smart Safety and Security Solution Leverages AI and Machine Learning to Rewrite Security Standards for Every Campus or Corporate Environment Los Angeles – January 03, 2018 – Global Net Solutions (GNS), an innovator in facilities-based smart security and business intelligence solutions, today unveiled its S-Badge, a revolutionary IoT-based security […]

Global Net Solutions Unveils IoT S-Badge for Increased Safety, Security, ...

This is “In 2 Minutes,” brought to you by Brilliance Security Magazine, and today we will tell you what you need to know about Ransomware, specifically the 2017 Ransomware Report by Cybersecurity Insiders. Ransomware is a billion dollar cybercrime industry and is widely seen as the single biggest cybersecurity threat […]

In 2 Minutes: Ransomware, what you need to know

The Internet Security Law of the People’s Republic of China puts proprietary information of companies that conduct business in China, or that hire Chinese citizens, at risk – or at least that is what is being reported by international media and U.S. Government agencies.  On the face of it this […]

The Internet Security Law of the People’s Republic of China ...