15 Things We Can All Do To Be Safer Online

A hacker with a hood with laptopAndra Zaharia posted an article on Heimdal Security that provides the results of input from 27 cybersecurity experts on mistakes commonly made when protecting ourselves online.

We condensed her list, many of her experts listed similar mistakes, and added a few of our own.  We suggest that you read her article for a more detailed explanation of what these experts suggest.  For your quick reference, below is a simple list so you can do a run down and compare against the protection you do, or don’t, have.

  1. Use a unique password for every account and application.
  2. Use a password management system that facilitates creating and maintaining a unique password for every account.
  3. Use strong passwords.
  4. Use two factor authentication, when possible.
  5. Do not use predictable passwords.
  6. Make sure you use timeouts and login screens whenever possible.
  7. Faithfully apply patches and software updates.
  8. Don’t rely on privacy laws to protect your data.
  9. Be more careful about what personal information you expose online.
  10. Don’t rely on Antivirus software to protect you.
  11. Understand and beware of social engineering attacks.
  12. Encrypt before you store your data on the cloud.
  13. Make sure you have a backup service and a disaster recovery plan.
  14. Understand and know where all your sensitive data is stored.
  15. Make provisions for the day when a trusted person, say your spouse, will need access to your online accounts.

All the cybersecurity experts referenced in Andra’s article agree that there is no silver bullet to provide total protection and even if you are careful to follow all the suggestions above there is always risk involved in exposing your information online.

If you’ve got additional suggestions, we would love to hear about them.  Please comment on our Facebook post.

15 Things We Can All Do To Be Safer Online. Check this list against what you do, or don’t do, to be safe online! http://goo.gl/UkFM4k

Posted by Brilliance Security Magazine on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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