Scary Security Stats

Each year, cybersecurity companies publish a number of research reports focusing on different aspects of cybersecurity and breach trends. A big shout-out to Brittney Regalado of 10Fold Communications for sending over the below list of some of the most alarming statistics from 2019 reports, just in time for Halloween.

Arkose Labs  

  • More than 75% of the attacks on social media are automated bot attacks. Unlike other industries, account takeover attacks are more common for social media, with logins twice as likely to be attacked than account registrations. This is driven by the fraudsters looking to harvest rich personal data from the accounts of legitimate users. (source: Arkose Labs Q3 Fraud and Abuse Report


  • Companies are spending an average of $18.4 million annually on cybersecurity yet 53 percent of IT experts admit they don’t know how well the cybersecurity tools they’ve deployed are working (source: AttackIQ 2019 Ponemon Study)  
  • Only 41 percent of respondents say their IT security team is effective in determining gaps in IT security infrastructure and closing those gaps (source: AttackIQ 2019 Ponemon Study
  • 75 percent of respondents say their IT security team is unable to respond to security incidents within one day (source: AttackIQ 2019 Ponemon Study


  • Only 12 percent of enterprises are consistently able to detect insider threats stemming from personal mobile devices, including those that are off-premises or lack agents (source: Bitglass Healthcare Breach Report 2019


  • Organizations are running 40% of their workloads in the cloud, 89% are in various stages of cloud adoption or plan to adopt within the next year, however, more than 33% of companies are unsure which standards are relevant to the governance of their organization’s cloud and container environments (source: DivvyCloud State of enterprise cloud and container adoption and security report
    • Even as organizations embrace self-service cloud access for developers and engineers to fuel innovation, this rate of adoption compounds potential security and compliance complications 


  • Personally identifiable information (PII) was the most targeted data for breaches in 2018, accounting for 97% of all breaches, with unauthorized access encompassing 34% of all attacks. (source: ForgeRock U.S. Consumer Breach Report 2019