More Than a Friendly Face: The Benefits of Hiring Concierge Security


Security Guard. Businessman with Arms Crossed On White

Security Guard. Businessman with Arms Crossed On White

Security is essential in any line of work but in certain industries it’s more desirable for your security to come equipped with the skills and knowledge of a concierge.

There’s a wide range of businesses that require staff responsible for physical safety, whether it’s on a daily basis in the workplace or for specific events. When you hear the word “concierge” you probably picture a smartly dressed person in the lobby of a hotel who you may be approaching later to ask where the best restaurants in the area are.

Concierge Security will offer you the same well-mannered and people-friendly service but has the bonus of being able to handle the security needs of your business.

Sophisticated Security

For certain companies it’s important to maintain a sense of sophistication in everything they do, including the security they hire. Everyone they employ, even if it’s just for the day, is representing them or their business – so making sure they’re presented in the appropriate way is crucial.

Concierge Security will approach every situation with a keen awareness of what needs to be done to maintain safety but also how to act and present themselves in a way that’s suitable to their surroundings.

Your customers and guests will be able to look at your security employees as an approachable staff member to go to for information or help and it just so happens that the friendly face they’re speaking to is also a well-trained security professional.

Maintaining Your Business Image

A massive part of making a company successful is the way you market yourself as a company. Your business image is what tells your customers that you’re the right choice for them and that you’re ideology suits them.

To maintain your business image you need to apply that same ideology to everything you do. Whether it’s the staff you hire, your marketing, or the product and services you offer. Would you hire a staff member who isn’t right for the position? No. So if your security needs require a firm but approachable touch then you should be considering concierge security.

This type of professional provides you with the well spoken, smartly dressed, and people-friendly traits of a concierge – then backs it up with the knowledge and skills of a security expert. Exactly the type of person you want in your reception lobby or front entrance – a welcoming friendly face who’s more than capable of handling any trouble.

Non-Threatening Demeanour

Everyone has been to an event, a party, or even an office building where the security has been less than friendly. Some people decide that the best deterrent for any trouble is to hire the biggest and scariest security guard they can find. In reality this just makes attendees or customers more anxious and uneasy than before they stepped foot in the building.

It’s not the best business tactic to scare off the people you’re trying to engage. Some situations require a bit of finesse.  A calm face in the crowd that is non-threatening with diffusive demeanour will be exactly what you need for success.

Concierge security professionals are trained to handle a wide-range of situations whether they’re of a violent nature or something more low-key that requires someone to manage an issue in a calm, professional and efficient manner.

Improved Workplace Environment

The atmosphere of the workplace environment is a vital part of running a successful business; high morale equates to higher levels of enthusiasm. If your workplace requires security personnel, even if it’s simply a small number stationed at reception or entrances – it needs to be operating in a way that makes employees and members of the public feel comfortable.

People instantly become more alert when they see security staff in an area and can become flustered if it requires interactions for searches, metal detectors, or something simple like an ID check. In these situations concierge security adopts a more casual, friendly yet firm, and efficient approach.

It’s common for people to feel like they’ve done something wrong even when they haven’t, like in an airport for example, so a calm concierge approach will put everyone at ease and make the security process run smoothly and without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

It’s important for any business or event requiring security to feel as safe as possible, but it’s also important for them to do so without jeopardising the balance and productivity of the staff members or workplace. Concierge Security provides a more calm and sophisticated style of conflict management while maintaining a high-level of professionalism.
Ankush Gupta is the managing director of Close Circuit security services, which is based in London. With a wealth of experience, Ankush and his team have the necessary skills to provide their clientele with a range of high-quality security services.

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