Furnace Platform Lets Apps Run Natively Across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud – Simplifies Cloud SIEM, Data Filtration & Sanitization, Other Security Challenges

Lets data driven businesses simplify multi-cloud strategies, go from ‘Zero to Hero’ by driving service innovation and security requirements in days, not months.

By Peter Kelley, Kelley Group Two

The Furnace O/S Serverless app development platform simplifies rapid creation of apps that run natively at scale across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

Ryan Layton, CEO of cybersecurity specialists at Secuvant: “Our clients span industry sectors, but their needs are strikingly similar. They face critical talent shortages both in application and security professionals, and they are often unable to truly tap into and leverage the data pools that can support their business goals and expand their services. They seek a truly multi-cloud, serverless application development platform that addresses these pressing needs. We are very excited about the potential for such a solution – for Secuvant, for our corporate clients, and for the game changing potential it heralds for the IT developer and security communities.”  

Among the big data challenges the Furnace platform helps organizations tackle:

  • Tapping and leveraging data from multiple sources
  • Breaking through “Cloud vendor lock-in”
  • Tackling security challenges such as cloud SIEM enablement for a fuller view of the threat landscape
  • Data filtration & sanitization to quickly meet GDPR, CPPA and other legislative mandates.

Stephen D. Hendrick, practice lead for application development and management at Enterprise Management Associates: “Data-driven services are the solution to meeting individual customer need at scale. This means that solutions need to ingest data of all types – including streams, run as native multi-Cloud applications, deliver high performance at scale, and leverage advanced analytics. Furnace Ignite is a great example of solution that embodies all of these attributes as well as being architected as a Serverless solution. This is a thoroughly modern approach that drives both high performance, low cost, and the ability to address a wide variety of data use cases,” such as those in security, decision analytics, process automation and marketing.

Danny Waite, Chief Technology Officer, Furnace Ignite, said: “We talk about Furnace as a platform, but it’s also a framework, in which developers, or anybody who wants to, can add intelligence to the platform. The formats, templates and guidelines are fully open. You’re able to start creating value within your data, literally within minutes. The fact that Furnace will run natively in the leading Cloud providers will be a huge win. The Azure and Google Cloud support is just one of the many exciting updates we will be making to Furnace over the coming months,” Waite said.

Key features of Furnace:

  • Cloud agnostic framework that makes use of Cloud-native capabilities
  • Runs natively in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform
  • Integrated build pipeline and infrastructure orchestration
  • Utilizes GitOps methodology, clear auditable change-management
  • Easily create multiple environments (development, testing and production) with minimal cost
  • Extending functionality by self-created modules, using Furnace’s standardized module format

Further platform enrichments will include support for Kubernetes and other public clouds, and the ability to connect cloud-based applications to legacy on-premise platforms.