Paypal Shares Your Data with a few Third Parties – More than 600 in fact

By: Peter Stone

Using a free service means that you are the product. This has become known and universally accepted.

Because of the GDPR Paypal has now published the list of the third parties they share data with. It’s a lot! The reasons for sharing are:

  • To allow payment processing settlement services and fraud checking.
  • To allow the processing of direct debits in the SEPA region.
  • To share risk and fraud information in the mandatory credit card company’s database regarding the conduct of a merchant’s account thereby reducing exposure to fraud and breaches of scheme rules and standards.
  • Anti-money laundering, sanctions list checking, and compliance checks.
  • To facilitate 3DSecure checking for payment processing globally.
  • To allow payment processing and settlement services in the United States/Canada/Australia/others

These all sound fine, right? Then:

  • To hose a marketing database (Carrenza Limited (UK))
  • To execute e-mail marketing campaigns. (various sorts similar to this)
  • To execute retargeting campaigns in order to deliver personalized advertising.
  • To execute and measure retargeting campaigns in order to identify visitors and redirect them through personalized advertising campaigns.
  • And 100+ similar to this

Funnily these are all located at the bottom of the page, below the legit sounding ones:

And visualized

This article was originally posted on Peerlyst.