Productivity wins when using a cloud terminal server

David Share - Director at Amazing Support

David Share – Director at Amazing Support

The real question for businesses these days is “why wouldn’t you utilize a cloud terminal server?” Seriously. It would be almost detrimental to not make the switch to cloud terminal servers. The agility it allows companies to tap into gives them a leg up when it comes to implementing strategic pivots. As an added bonus, an increase in productivity has proven to be a byproduct of adopting a cloud terminal server model.

Increase productivity by decreasing hardware

Bloat. There’s too much of it in many of today’s corporate IT infrastructures. Imagine the resources that can be re-allocated if your companies hardware holdings were halved. The budget, the manpower, the maintenance costs and space needed usually slotted for hardware can be re-deployed to better other parts of the business. Physical servers need space and one way or another this alone will cost money. These servers then need to be loaded with data, they need to be serviced and maintained, and then they will eventually need to be retired and the process begins anew. The effort it took just to type that last line was as painful as the process of keeping a physical server. But if you chose a virtual or cloud server, on the other hand, you would be removing this particular headache from your life.

Virtual servers allow companies a better alternative to physical servers, but it also allows them to decrease the cost of increasing the performance of their servers. As a company grows they may need to increase their capabilities by upgrading devices and adding more memory or changing processors, which just translates to more costs. However, in the case of virtual machines they can just adjust the server plans to accommodate their expanding user base.

The ultimate safety net

The phrase “putting all your eggs in a single basket” fits the idea of a physical server to a tee. Imagine storing all of your data and entrusting your entire operation to a single piece of device (the server) and for some reason have it suffer a catastrophic failure. No amount of tears or cursing will make it come back.

But take that same amount of data and information flow and split it between several virtual machines and you basically ensure that should one of those machines become inaccessible or corrupted in some way, you don’t compromise your entire operation. You can use cloud server technology to basically hedge against losses and secure continuity of your business. Simply put, cloud servers offer your company the perfect failsafe.

Keep sessions alive

User draining is the act of completely removing users from a single server. This is both laborious and consumes a lot of resources, not to mention that it disrupts service. In the old days this can only be done on weekends or preferably on long weekends, when users don’t require access. Nowadays business that utilize cloud servers can migrate users from server to another, seamlessly without loss of or disruption to access. This means no more outages, no more scheduled downtime, no more wasted resources. This reason alone and the convenience and savings it provides is more enough of a reason to make the switch.

Unparalleled High Availability

In the past if companies wanted users to have continuous access to the network, data and information flow, they would employ a high availability policy in which they would run two servers in parallel, with one serving as backup for the other. We previously discussed the costs of running a single physical server, now imagine two…or three or more. The expenses associated with this strategy will add up quick.

Employing a high availability policy for cloud servers is both easy and cost-effective. There is no need to build, implement and maintain another server. Simply request another virtual server to act as a backup or run in tandem with your main server. Users are automatically rerouted to the least busy server providing them with the fastest access to the network or data. There is no lag, no wait time, no contacting the system or network admin to make the switch. This is all done automatically, leaving you and your company to do what it is best at. Tending to your customers and building a great business.


Author’s bio:

David Share

Director at Amazing Support

David has held positions as Operations Director and Head of IT in legal and professional firms for more than 10 years. He is a Director and co-owner of Amazing Support, a Microsoft Silver accredited and specialist Managed IT Support and IT Services company. David actively helps SME businesses receive better Managed IT Support and IT Services in the London and Hertfordshire areas. He also assists overseas companies who are looking to expand their business operations into the UK and helps with their inward investment IT process. A professional member of The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) and an event speaker promoting business start-ups and technology awareness. Married with a son, you will often see him riding his bicycle around the Hertfordshire towns! David regularly participates in charity bike rides for the British Heart Foundation.