By Kevin Wine, Vice President Marketing – Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions, Verint Systems In today’s data-driven business environment, global organizations look for ways to help transform raw data into valuable insight that propels more informed, efficient and intelligent decision-making across the enterprise. Through big data analysis, stakeholders can make sense […]

Data and Collaboration to Support Enterprise Risk Intelligence

by: Scott Lindley, President, Farpointe Data More and more, companies that formally used only keys are now asking about keyless or electronic access control (EAC). Whether called badges, tokens or cards, they limit access to a facility to only those who possess one of these credentials. Countless companies take this […]

A Primer on Contactless Cards and Readers for Electronic ...

Surveillance Optimized Storage – is it just another way for Marketers to dip into your pocket or is it something you truly need to understand? Brilliance Security Magazine recently interviewed Jon Piazza, Corporate Communications, and Aubrey Muhlach, Surveillance Segment Marketing Manager, for Seagate in an effort to understand the latest […]

Surveillance Optimized Storage

 Make Vendors Prove Their Figures are Real Throughout the year, there are a plethora of trade shows in which security vendors can present their newest marvels to potential customers. Not to be outdone are the barriers manufacturers. Their products will range from a large metal planter to be placed in […]

Vehicle Access Barriers Are Too Critical Not to be ...

In October of 2015 Schneider Electric announced the appointment of Sharad Shekhar as the new Chief Executive Officer for Pelco.  New to the security industry, Mr. Shekhar came to Pelco from Cummins, where he managed a $1.7B business unit. Brilliance Security Magazine sat down with Mr. Shekhar to see what […]

Back to Blue

In a quest for information that will enlighten you, our reader, on the subject of big data – more specifically how big data is being used in the security industry – Brilliance Security Magazine recently interviewed Kevin Wine, Vice President Marketing at Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions.  Kevin, with […]

Verint Owns Actionable Intelligence – Literally

A newcomer to ISC West this year was Wurldtech, a GE company, that helps oil & gas, transportation, utilities, healthcare and many other industries reduce their attack surface while playing a critical role in their long-term OT (Operational Technology) resiliency plan. As the cybersecurity offering at GE, Wurldtech protects industrial […]

Wurldtech – If you connect it, you need to protect ...

Brilliance Security Magazine sat down with Vanderbilt Industries President Mitchell Kane at ISC West this year in an attempt get a sense of how the new company’s performance measures up to the goals they were working toward last year at this time. A year ago, at the last ISC West […]

Vanderbilt Industries – a year later

For security professionals of all types, one of the most exciting times of the year is approaching quickly. I am referring, of course, to the annual ISC West conference in Las Vegas – April 6 through April 8.  As the largest security industry trade show in the U.S., it really […]

Looking Forward to ISC West

Read this excellent summation of technology trends that you need to be aware of. Chris Alberding offers a “spot-on” summary of today’s most important technology trends.  He addresses Hybrid Clouds, Colos, Bandwidth Growth, Dark Fiber, and VOIP; all of which are revolutionizing how we do business. Presented at Data Center […]

Five Enterprise Technology Trends to Watch

by: Chris Russell, CTO, Swivel Secure     For businesses planning a move to the cloud, the benefits in cost, mobility and scalability must be weighed against the threat of a data breach. If sensitive corporate data is hacked, restoring customer confidence and repairing damage to the brand can be a […]

Playing it Safe in the Cloud

Because an object looks like a gun and is used in a crime as if it were a gun, should the penalty be the same as if a gun were actually used? Pittsfield, Massachusetts – That is the central question to be considered tomorrow as the  Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court […]

Because It Looks Like a Firearm, Is It?

If you’re a seasoned cybersecurity professional, well then “move along folks, there’s nothing to see here”, but if you’re not and you want to make sure you have a solid understanding of the most current terminology used in the world of cybersecurity, read on. As an introduction to the “Verizon 2015 […]

20 Cybersecurity Terms You Must Know to Protect Your Enterprise ...

In an interesting article at The Hill today, Julian Hattem details a lawsuit by The Associated Press, along with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, asking a district court for information from the Department of Justice regarding the FBI’s impersonation of a journalist and creation of a fake […]

AP Sues Feds Over Fake News Story

Today’s Most Interesting Security News Stories Are you kidding me?  This story is great because it illustrates how much more we need to do with regards to educating the public about the dangers of poor password security. Read the story to see the list of terrible passwords used by Ashley […]

The Worst Password from the Ashley Madison Hack