There is a growing trend toward allowing workers to work from home. In a Gallup Business Journal study it is reported that “In 2012, Gallup data showed that 39% of employees worked remotely in some capacity, meaning they spent at least some of their time working in a location different […]

Solutions for an Evolving Workforce

Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity reported this week about “tens of thousands of personal and possibly proprietary databases that were left accessible to the public online have just been wiped from the Internet, replaced with ransom notes demanding payment for the return of the files. Adding insult to injury, it appears […]

MongoDB Database Breach – What the Experts are Saying

The same security firm which recently discovered that sophisticated hacking group FIN8 is back again targeting U.S. businesses surveyed 1,000 consumers, weighted for the U.S. population, to examine how the increasing prevalence of financial cyberattacks and the threat of hackers targeting the U.S. financial system are impacting the mindset of consumers. Morphisec, […]

Morphisec Releases 2019 Consumer Financial Cybersecurity Threat Index

By Nick Galov In this digital age, having your cyber space secured is more important than ever. Nowadays, danger seems to lurk behind every virtual corner, with new cyber attack methods popping up too close for comfort. And the cyber security industry is caught in an arms race with cyber […]

Tips on How to Defend Against DDoS Attacks

Together With Cequence CQ botDefense, Platform Both Prevents Attacks & Eliminates Unwanted Application Traffic By Peter Kelley, Kelley Group Two Cequence Security has extended its Application Security Platform’s capabilities with its new CQ appFirewall module, which leverages the intelligence of Cequence’s patented analytics engine to detect and defend against attacks […]

Cequence Security CQ appFirewall Protects, Defends Against Attacks on App ...

by Shomiron Dasgupta, Founder and CEO​,​ DNIF Next Gen SIEM Platform Threat hunting isn’t new, but the importance of its practical use in countering cyberthreats is recent.   We’ve seen that companies’ awareness of threat hunting is increasing over time. However, a lack of attention given to cyberthreats, arising out of […]

Threat Hunting and Its Importance

A company’s approach to risk management will often determine its long-term success. As your organization continues to grow, it will encounter a variety of threats that jeopardize progress. Through the application of today’s solutions, however, you can address problems and move forward with confidence. Unfortunately, many of the security tools […]

Understanding Risk Management Better With Lockpath

When Every Second Counts One of the hottest topics in our current political climate, internet discussions, and social dialog is the phenomenon of active shooter incidents, or “mass shootings.” Media outlets saturate their broadcast time with reports that in one way or another reference these crimes. Politicians list it as […]

When Seconds Count – How One Company is Using AI ...

MetTel IoT Fleet Management Transforms Brosnan SmartTrucks into Mobile Command Centers Brosnan Security, the renowned national security officer firm, has unveiled its newest SmartTruck, transformed by MetTel IoT into a connected mobile command center capable of instant internal and external threat and efficiency detection, analysis and response.  Brosnan is rolling out […]

Mobile Command Centers to Safeguard Retailers Nationwide

Date Celebrates the FreeBSD Operating System and Its Global Impact on Open Source Computing BOULDER, CO – June 3, 2019 – The FreeBSD Foundation, supporters of FreeBSD, one of the oldest and largest open source computer operating systems in the world and used by many top corporations, has announced that […]

FreeBSD Foundation Announces FreeBSD Day on June 19, 2019

Siemplify, the leading independent provider of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) has released a new version of its security operations platform. “Version 5.0 continues to raise the bar for end-to-end security operations management, adding new capabilities that make security analysts more productive, security engineers more effective and SOC managers more informed […]

Siemplify Enhances Security Operations Platform