Drive Uniform Power Installations with ProWire™ Unified Power Systems

ProWire from LifeSafety Power® Inc., Mundelein, Ill., is a simple to deploy, pre-engineered solution that integrates power and access control systems. Pre-wired, 100 percent factory tested and UL/CUL certified, ProWire eliminates wiring and connection complexities, saving man hours with reduced labor and field time. ProWire includes pre-installed wire harnesses for panel power, lock control, faults, communication buss and tamper switch. The installation platform lets users standardize their power and access control solutions, for consistent, repeatable results across campuses, enterprises and multiple locations to optimize service and maintenance. For more information visit

About LifeSafety Power*
LifeSafety Power has effectively shifted the paradigm of the power supply industry by creating a new category of intelligent power management solutions that provide robust, proactive analytics to mission-critical devices. This new standard of performance by LifeSafety Power substantially adds to overall system health, performance and reliability.  LifeSafety Power, headquartered near Chicago, has won numerous industry awards and accolades for product design and innovation. For more information, please visit LifeSafety Power or call (888) 577-2898.