nContext receives Analytics & Measurement award from Internet Marketing Association

WASHINGTON (Sept. 28, 2017) – nContext, an innovator in deriving strategic insights from contextual data analysis, will receive Analytics & Measurement honors at the 2017 IMPACT Awards, which is held by the Internet Marketing Association in Las Vegas on Sept. 29, 2017.

nContext, a business unit of Sierra Nevada Corporation, will receive the award because of its innovation using data science to enable effective digital targeting and lead generation. nContext’s ability to track cross channel and enrich data has enabled significant increases in effectiveness for customers.

“nContext is honored to receive the Analytics & Measurement award,” Senior Director of Engineering Tracy Morgan said. “It shows the hard work and expertise of nContext employees and leadership. We have so much respect for the Internet Marketing Association and the IMPACT Awards and consider this a great achievement.”

“The IMPACT Awards exemplify best-in-class creativity, expertise and results achieved by the top practitioners of Internet marketing across every business segment as well as non-profits, government and education,” IMA Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz said.

nContext’s technologies, processes, and analytical skills have been tested and proven. nContext has applied its big data analytics capabilities and processes for the purpose of digital marketing across the Government, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Energy, Aesthetic, Security, Financial, Federal, Consumer Goods, and Health industries.

Over the past three months, nContext’s digital marketing customers have grown substantially. These customers are primarily leveraging nContext’s core capabilities, digital community management and lead generation, including analytics for fully understanding the customer journey, impact of campaigns and fine-tuning of advertising.

The Internet Marketing Association is one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the world and encompasses a wide range of educated professionals in sales, marketing, business ownership, programming, creative development and related fields.


About nContext

nContext was born from the need to analyze data from thousands of sources, from aerial assets to social media news feeds. The company harnesses the power of that data to provide leading analytical and technical services in support of cybersecurity, risk management and digital marketing. Clients span major governmental agencies to commercial sectors including energy, aesthetics, security, finance, consumer goods and healthcare. nContext is a business unit of Sierra Nevada Corporation, a privately held, advanced technology company that provides customer-focused innovative solutions in the areas of aerospace, aviation, electronics, and systems integration.