Submit Your Press Release

Submit your press release

Please send your security-related press release to:  Each free press release receives a dedicated press release post on our site and both a Twitter tweet and a Facebook post advertising the release.  Please include an image with your submission if you’d like an image included in your press release.  All press releases should be of legitimate news value (not just a sales ad) and be relevant to the security industry (physical or cyber).

For additional promotion of your press release at an incredibly affordable price – read about Our Value Added Service below.

Brilliance Security Magazine is dedicated to providing a valuable free service to the security industry in the form of our free press release postings.  WE ARE NOT CHANGING THAT SERVICE. But, we can do better.

Our Value Added Service

In an effort to get wider exposure for their announcements, some of our industry partners have asked for additional value for their press releases.  We can provide that value.  We can’t do it for free, but pretty darn close.

We are happy to offer a Press Release Promotion Service.

Businessman pressing hand News Release word on virtual screen. Can bring to the medium of your ad.Our Press Release Promotion Service includes:

  1. An image/product photo at the top of our Press Release page – not just a text line.
  2. An ad free page dedicated to your press release in the Press Release section of our magazine for one week.
  3. One day, during that week, your press release will be featured on our Front Page, including an image or logo.
  4. A compelling series of tweets, with a link to your press release, each day of that week.
  5. A cleverly designed and persistent post on our Facebook Page that will drive additional traffic to your press release.

Between the Press Release Section, the Front Page exposure, Twitter engagement, and Facebook posts you can expect that your press release will be viewed by tens of thousands of security professionals.

We are offering our Press Release Promotion Service for just $50 for a full week of promotion.

We’ve made it simple.  Just select your desired duration and then click on the BUY NOW button below and PayPal will process your payment.  Send us the press release that you want to be promoted – and we will do the rest!  If you prefer another arrangement, please call (714) 315-0104 or email 

Our Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results provided by our Value Added Service we will gladly refund the full amount of our fees (up to one week’s promotion).  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  It’s that simple.

Duration Options

If you prefer to have us invoice you for our Press Release Promotion Service – Please submit the invoice instructions found here.