Cequence Security CQ appFirewall Protects, Defends Against Attacks on App Vulns

Together With Cequence CQ botDefense, Platform Both Prevents Attacks & Eliminates Unwanted Application Traffic

By Peter Kelley, Kelley Group Two

Cequence Security has extended its Application Security Platform’s capabilities with its new CQ appFirewall module, which leverages the intelligence of Cequence’s patented analytics engine to detect and defend against attacks that exploit known and unknown application vulnerabilities, and eliminate the need for WAF signatures.

The new Cequence Security appFirewall module supports OWASP Top 10 and PCI DSS Section 6.6, and also delivers some important innovations:

Automatic Discovery of all web, mobile, and API-based applications that could be subject to targeted attacks exploiting application vulnerabilities. This eliminates the need to continually monitor and update traditional application and threat signatures, and also locks down any misconfigured applications that should not be exposed to the Internet.

Detection of any abnormal transactions – including those targeting zero-day vulnerabilities – which are automatically blocked, without the need to create a new WAF signature.

Defense against attacks using rate-limiting, geo-fencing, and deception techniques to convince a bad actor that their attack was successful, when it actually wasn’t.

The Cequence Application Security Platform first launched last year with CQ botDefense, which leverages the application intelligence generated by CQAI to detect and defend against automated attacks that target the application business logic itself. CQ appFirewall takes full advantage of the same application intelligence to provide non-stop security, even with continuous application updates and modifications by DevOps teams. CQ appFirewall will complement CQ botDefense to deliver comprehensive application security that is effectively “baked in” to the web, mobile, and API-based application tier.

“When customers deploy both security modules (appFirewall and CQ botDefense), the platform will not only prevent attacks targeting their web, mobile, and API-based applications, it will also help eliminate unwanted application traffic on their network,” said Ameya Talwalkar, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Cequence Security.

Cequence Security customers include F500 organizations across multiple vertical markets, and the solution has earned multiple industry accolades, including 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor.