Cyber Exercise between European CERTs

European Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge Qualifying Event

Budapest, January 19, 2018  – Governmental Computer Emergency Readiness Teams (CERTs) will be participating in a highly intense cyber exercise, defending critical infrastructure on a particular event where will also be held the European Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge Qualifying.

CERTs will be taken on the role of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in Budapest (Hungary) on 25th of January. Four blue teams will be responsible for a power plant and distribution centre to prevent breaches from the red team – the fifth which conceived the whole exercise – while responding to cyber attacks.

“It is crucial for every IT security team to participate time by time in simulations like this, especially for governmental CERTs. We know exactly that they are evolving in real life due to exponential expansion of cyber-attacks however with this kind of training in action teams are sharing their knowledge in practice. That gives us inspirations and a significant competitive advantage. We are already expecting teams from Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia for this extreme exercise although there is still time for CERTs to join in from anywhere around the world.” – says Gergo Gyebnar, IT Security Specialist and founder of SecOps Europe.

In the virtual infrastructure the power plant mentioned above has an office network and a control network where the second one is responsible for controlling physical processes required for power generation. CSIRTs will be called upon to also handle an incident in which archived process data is mysteriously lost. This will be followed by numerous major actions, including a massive blackout affecting an entire city. This special cyber exercise could be followed in the Budapest Congress Centre and on projectors and LCDs placed all over the venue.

‘The members of each CSIRT are highly qualified IT security experts who are on standby 24/7 and provide real time responses to cyber-attacks and incidents defending a network of a country or economy.”

If you wish to participate in this cyber exercise please send a request for detailed information via email to:

On the day before in the same venue there will be organized the official European Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge Qualifying Event. This one is strictly for international student teams and there is still a chance for applying in the last minute. Requests shall be sent to the same email address mentioned above. Winners will be rewarded with an all expenses covered trip to the finals in Geneva together with their mentor.

For more and detailed information about the SecOps Europe 2018 please visit the following website: