Robotic Assistance Devices Releases New Security Solution: SCOT™ Wally

The wall-mounted version of the Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) provides increased visibility to organizations at a fraction of the cost

Laguna Hills, Calif., June 20, 2018 — Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD), an innovator in the delivery of artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, announced today it has released its latest version of the Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™): Wally, a wall-mounted security solution that harnesses the power of AI to enhance an organization’s situational awareness, communication abilities, and control.

SCOT™ Wally provides organizations with 110 degrees of visibility and takes full advantage of the RAD Software Suite, which is a collection of integrated software applications hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services that allows immediate and mobile access to alerts and controls generated by SCOT™. Priced at two-thirds less than the original SCOT™ tower, SCOT™ Wally can be used in lobbies, parking structures, corporate campuses or exterior areas.

“SCOT™ Wally builds on the success of our original SCOT™ solution, providing a wall-mounted version for organizations looking to scale their security teams in a way that is good for the bottom line,” said Steve Reinharz, President and CEO, RAD. “This unique security solution can be paired with other original SCOT™ deployments or be used on its own.”

SCOT™ solutions, including  SCOT™ Wally, are equipped with AI-centric technology that powers human detection analytics, featuring long-range detection at low false-alarm rates.

SCOT™ Wally will be demonstrated for the first time at the upcoming BOMA 2018 International Conference and Expo for the commercial real estate market, June 23-26, in San Antonio, Texas, alongside its partners at Allied Universal (Booth #704). To schedule a meeting with RAD during the show,

The company may post important information about its subsidiary RAD on its website and through tweets from RAD President and CEO Steve Reinharz.

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