Veracity delivers an evolution in long-term video storage and reliability at ISC West 2018

With embedded NVR and a significant expansion in capacity, COLDSTORE sets the benchmark in reliability and Total Cost of Ownership

5th April 2018, Dallas, Texas – At ISC West 2018, Veracity will reveal a significant expansion of its COLDSTORE range of specialised IP video storage solutions. This includes the market introduction of COLDSTORE Colossus, a solution designed for very long-term retention of large volume sets of security video. Veracity will also announce embedded NVR functionality across the entire range of COLDSTORE products, including current models. This allows video to be recorded directly from camera to COLDSTORE storage without the need for a separate NVR product.

With 45 disk bays, COLDSTORE Colossus is designed for projects which require high capacity, long-term retention of video data. When populated by 12TB hard disk drives COLDSTORE Colossus delivers 540TB video storage capacity in a 4U space, only 31.5 inches deep. All COLDSTORE solutions are architected specifically to increase the reliability and lifetime of disks by massively reducing wear, vibration and temperature. One of the consequences of this architecture is up to 90% reduction in power consumption. Not only does COLDSTORE Colossus provide a solution to large and long retention storage of video but the total cost of ownership savings are uniquely compelling.

All COLDSTORE platforms will now also feature Embedded NVR functionality, eliminating the need for a separate NVR solution. Once again, the cost savings that result from this innovation are compelling, in addition to a massive reduction in system complexity.

Visitors to ISC West 2018 will be able to learn about the entire range of COLDSTORE solutions for both small and very large video storage requirements (with or without a separate NVR solution).

Veracity also has on display its full range of video transmission products and will be launching its new range of OUTREACH™ Gigabit Ethernet extenders. OUTREACH, requiring no set up, is already regarded by integrators and engineers as the most cost-effective solution for extending Cat5/6 Ethernet beyond the 328ft limit.  The Gigabit additions to the Lite, Max and exterior XT versions of OUTREACH now deliver full, unrestricted 10/100/1000BASE-T network bandwidth. All Gigabit versions retain compatibility with POE, POE plus and custom POE, with Max versions supporting up to 70 Watts (802.3bt). The XT enclosures have functional improvements with a more resilient IP67 rating, allowing them to deal with temporary immersion in water, and are NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P rated. With improved, shielded connections the XT versions are also supplied with assorted cable gaskets that can manage the different cable diameters found on various network installations. All of these will be on display at booth #5065.

VIEWSCAPE™, the comprehensive, integrated command and control system will also be on display. VIEWSCAPE features an advanced, modular integration platform that gives operators flexible and immediate control over complex surveillance and security functions. VIEWSCAPE includes visual information received from IP and deployable CCTV cameras combined with interactive maps and incident management. With extensive support for 3rd party devices and solutions, VIEWSCAPE delivers integrated functionality across many areas including Alarm Receiving, Command and Control, PIDs, Dispatch, Incident Management, Situational Awareness, Guard Tour and many other areas. VIEWSCAPE is architected to meet new requirements, with minimal integration effort needed for legacy systems. It is an ideal management suite for the fully integrated COLDSTORE embedded NVR system.

These innovative solutions, as well as the engaging Transmission Workshop Wall where Integrators can explore live solutions to their daily challenges, will be on display at Booth #5065 at ISC West (11 to 13 April 2018) at the Sands Expo, Las Vegas. Veracity’s COLDSTORE is also on display at our partner Hanwha Techwin America’s booth #14079. If you’d like to make an appointment to see any of our products being demonstrated you can contact the team via

About Veracity

Veracity delivers innovative, intelligent solutions that solve real-world IP video challenges in transmission, storage and display.  For over a decade, our products and designs have been trusted and recommended by security system integrators, enterprise clients and major industry partners.  The solid foundations of our in-depth expertise and our highly-talented team enables us to work with key companies in the industry and continuously create new opportunities and growth for ourselves and our partners.

Transmission: Veracity offers a full range of IP transmission products designed for IP video, including Ethernet-over-coax adaptors, network extenders and long-range wired Ethernet transceivers, all with POE.  Veracity’s extensive product range also includes Master NTP time servers, IP camera installation tools, and POE network switches, including 12/24V versions for vehicle applications.  Veracity’s IP products are sold throughout the world via integrators, distributors and partners.  The products have a strong reputation for innovative design, high quality, reliability, and very long lifetimes.

Storage: Veracity is the pioneer of the first storage solution designed for specifically for video surveillance. Veracity COLDSTORE™ surveillance storage systems provide the highest possible levels of hard disk reliability and the longest file retention periods whilst simultaneously delivering a 90% reduction in energy consumption versus conventional RAID storage solutions.  COLDSTORE™ customers have benefited from a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership for high capacity storage across applications as diverse as city surveillance, stadia, hospitality, healthcare, retail, logistics, banking/finance, prisons and transportation.

Display and Integration: Veracity’s third product area involves the display and presentation of not just video, but also system information and status monitoring, aimed at improving and simplifying the management of larger surveillance systems.  Through extensive integration to 3rd party devices and solutions VIEWSCAPE delivers integrated functionality across many areas including Alarm Receiving, Command and Control, PIDs, Dispatch, Incident Management, Situational Awareness, Guard Tour and many other areas.  VIEWSCAPE delivers critical monitoring functions in a highly visual and concise manner, reducing operator training costs and improving overall system efficiency.

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