Video Data Security – Providing High Levels of Data Protection

Video data requires stringent logical and physical protection to ensure compliance and reduce unauthorized breaches

“Security leaders are challenged with capturing high levels of video data and ensuring that data is protected, secure and available when needed,” said David Siles, vice president of business development, HyTrust, a leading cloud workload security vendor.

The University of Oxford, referring to the use of video as it relates to the Data Protection Act says, “If the image can be used to identify an individual and tell you something about them it is likely that it will be personal data for the purpose of the Data Protection Act.  People can obviously be identified from names but may also be identified from contextual information.”

Leading security industry solution providers are stepping up, and in some cases, teaming up to meet these data protection and compliance challenges.

In one case, Pivot3 – a hyperconverged infrastructure performance and technology leader – has expanded its relationship with HyTrust in order to deliver secure, compliant video surveillance infrastructure solutions that ensure high levels of data protection.  Through highly secure encryption and comprehensive role-based access control, HyTrust workload security solutions ensure the highest levels of data protection. Combined with Pivot3 purpose-built, highly resilient infrastructure, the two companies deliver a video surveillance solution that meets the data security and compliance requirements of mission-critical environments.

Typical software encryption tools share the processing resources of your computer, which can cause the entire machine to slow down as data is encrypted/decrypted. You will also find that opening and closing encrypted files is much slower than normal because the process is relatively resource-intensive, particularly for higher levels of encryption.  However, “by leveraging HyTrust DataControl software-based encryption, with its near-zero system resource overhead, organizations can maintain the required performance from their current video infrastructure and eliminate additional hardware investments,” a recent press release announcing this enhanced partnership states.

Beyond encryption, HyTrust provides a comprehensive feature set that secures all aspects of a video surveillance infrastructure. Role-based access control provided by HyTrust CloudControl allows only authorized individuals to have control over system management, while forensic logging and auditing helps to achieve regulatory compliance.

“HyTrust’s experience in the data security space, combined with Pivot3’s leadership in video surveillance infrastructure solutions, allows organizations to gain peace-of-mind that video data is protected from outside threats or breaches,” David continued.

Purpose-built for the specific and complex requirements of video surveillance deployments, Pivot3 solutions provide the highest levels of performance, resiliency and availability so critical video surveillance data is stored without loss, protected from any failures and always available when and where it is needed most.

“With the growing number of threats from around the world, data security has become the top concern in the security industry,” said Brandon Reich, surveillance practice leader, Pivot3. “It is more vital than ever to protect video and corporate data, and our partnership with HyTrust enables us to ensure that customers’ investment in video is secure and safeguarded from unauthorized use. On top of this, by reducing the overhead imposed through the data protection process to near zero, customers won’t have to spend additional funds on additional hardware, or suffer degraded performance from the overhead that a traditional solution consumes.”

The secure, compliant video surveillance infrastructure Pivot3 and HyTrust bring to market builds on the work the two companies have already done to deliver secure, high-performance, multi-tenant datacenter infrastructure for mission-critical applications.