Google Certificate Authority Service, AppViewX Team for Seamless Deployment and Management of Cloud Public Key Infrastructure

By Peter Kelley

Google and AppViewX have announced Google’s new Certificate Authority Service (CAS) to secure applications, and the CAS integration with AppViewX to deliver seamless deployment and management of cloud public key infrastructure (PKI). The move is geared to meet the growing demand for containerized certificate management across DevOps and IoT that easily scales, is cost-effective, and provides a robust and future-proof PKI ecosystem while alleviating dependency on niche PKI skill sets.

PKI has conventionally been the de-facto means by which digital identities and network communications are secured. Efforts are being continually made to simplify large-scale deployment and ease compatibility with modern paradigms like DevOps and the IoT. However, traditional PKI deployments that leverage on-premise private CAs have not evolved to meet the status quo. Deployability is overly complex and time-consuming, and standard PKI processes do not work or scale well with IoT, DevOps and containerization. Conventional on-prem private PKI also presents compatibility issues with cloud platforms which may drive teams to less secure public CAs. 

The AppViewX CERT+ Certificate Lifecycle Management integration with Google’s CAS simplifies deployment of private CAs and enables end-to-end automation of enterprise infrastructure, DevOps and IoT. It promises a robust and future-proof PKI system that lets users communicate with DevOps tools and CI/CD toolchains. Key features and functions include: 

  • Discovery of certificates issued by Google Certificate Authority Service
  • Discovery of certificates located on various endpoints
  • Certificate Renewals
  • Certificate Revocations
  • Certificate Provisioning via Self-service
  • Certificate Enrolment using Enrolment Protocols
  • Reporting, Analytics, and Expiry Notifications
  • Lifecycle Automation of DevOps certificates

“Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service is enterprise-ready, designed to scale private CAs efficiently, eliminating the need for high costs and deep technical expertise,” said Anoosh Saboori, Product Manager at Google Cloud. “Our integration with an active CLM solution like AppViewX helps our customers tap into their large pool of native integrations to ensure compatibility and ease of use. We are confident of the value this partnership is going to provide to our users who are looking for a more streamlined system to manage certificates across their private and public clouds.”

“CERT+ equips enterprises with a powerful certificate management suite that integrates with several public CAs to automate key and certificate lifecycles,” said Murali Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX. “Google Cloud’s integration with AppViewX will empower new and existing customers to take advantage of Google Cloud Platform’s cutting-edge CA service as well as our next-gen CLM expertise to offer a scalable, secure and automated PKI solution.”

For more information, see the Google/AppViewX Joint Solution Brief.

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