Point3 Security Talent Screening Service Identifies Cybersecurity Talent with The Right Skill Sets, Drive and Initiative

Gamified, Hands-on CTFs, Pentests, and Other Challenges Help Assess Candidates Under Real-World Conditions.

By Peter Kelley

Point3 Security has rolled out its Talent Screening service to help organizations identify the optimal talent for their needs with new efficiency, economy, and precision.

“Point3 Security allowed us to not only pick someone with the right skillset, but also to assess their drive and initiative to complete the challenges, and that’s the kind of leadership that we really needed,” said Brian Hubbard, Director of Commercial and Cybersecurity for Edwards Performance Solutions, productivity experts serving government and commercial clients. “Without Point3 Security, the decision to hire would have been very difficult. One senior person that looked great on paper was out-performed by a junior analyst.”

The service is the latest addition to Point3’s ESCALATE ecosystem, the gamified, hands-on platform that helps cultivate and measure talent. ESCALATE lets cybersecurity professionals continually upskill with engaging, gamified challenges that help them keep pace with the constantly shifting threat landscape.

The Talent Screening service gives employers and recruiters a better alternative to current cybersecurity candidate screening methods, which rely solely on resumes and credentials that often do not fully reflect a candidate’s actual skills and initiative. A poor fit for the organization’s challenges often results in cybersecurity talent turnover at rates significantly higher than in other areas of a company. Such hiring practices may also prevent the rise of existing talent whose skills and initiative may not be reflected by their current title, and allow unintended biases to influence hiring and promotion decisions.

How The Talent Screening Service Works:

The Point3 Security’s Talent Screening service lets recruiters and hiring companies provide candidates with CTF, Pentest, and other challenges. Resulting metrics let the hiring organization fairly analyze the results of all applicants, including current in-house talent, and move forward with their top talents.

It gives employers tangible proof points that improve and help protect the integrity of the candidate evaluation and promotion process. It also helps organizations demonstrate that unintended biases do not influence their skills evaluation during hiring and promotion cycles.

“It’s like a jungle gym for pentesters,” Hubbard said.

“Point3 Security’s Talent Screening service prevents the inadvertent screen out of top performers due to over-reliance on outdated metrics, and it also ensures and demonstrates that unintended biases have no place in the organization’s cybersecurity talent recruitment and hiring process,” said Evan Dornbush, CEO, Point3 Security. It’s an important new offering and further advances our mission to help organizations and cybersecurity professionals advance in their chosen field while addressing the cybersecurity talent recruitment and retention challenges faced by many organizations today.”

The Point3 Security Talent Screening service SaaS-delivered and is available immediately.

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