AppViewX Hosts “Simplify PKI 2021” Virtual Cybersecurity Summit

Industry online event features insightful sessions from Gartner, other industry experts and pioneers in the CCoE movement on next-gen certificate and key lifecycle automation and machine identity management

Given today’s escalating threat environment, it is crucial that enterprises adopt current cybersecurity tools and processes. Machine identity and PKI management require end-to-end automation of certificate and key lifecycles. A virtual summit on certificate lifecycle management (CLM), automation, public key infrastructure (PKI), machine identity, and critical industry trends was just announced.

In a recent press statement, AppViewX, the pioneer and leader in certificate and key lifecycle automation, IoT and DevOps security solutions, and machine identity management, announced a first-of-its-kind virtual CLM and Machine Identity summit. This free two-day online event, Simplify PKI 2021, will take place March 10-11, 2021. It will feature a comprehensive agenda with sessions from the industry’s most eminent minds and influential experts on certificate lifecycle management (CLM), automation, public key infrastructure (PKI), machine identity, and critical industry trends.

The explosive growth of hardware, hybrid cloud, apps, and IoT environments require a fundamentally different, next-gen approach to the management of certificates and crypto keys via automation and workflows. Modern enterprises are choosing full lifecycle machine identity management platforms that drive intelligent automation when dealing with large, complex, multivendor certificate environments and diverse use cases like on-prem, IoT, DevOps, and hybrid cloud along with consistent and repeatable processes to ensure visibility, reporting, governance, and compliance across the board.

“If there is one thing last year taught us, it’s that security operations teams and CISOs should always be ready to expect the unexpected – and rapidly scale to adapt,” said Gregory Webb, CEO, AppViewX. “Unprecedented attacks have unfortunately become the norm, prompting enterprises to ramp up security to manage risk and operational uncertainty while enforcing trust and cybersecurity. This has become a top priority for enterprises who want to be frontrunners. However, they absolutely cannot achieve this with outdated tools, processes, or without the right maturity model to true, next-gen crypto agility. Join our inaugural Simplify PKI 2021 summit to learn how.”

Simplify PKI 2021 gives center stage to the growing trends around machine identity, CLM, and PKI for the cybersecurity community to come together to collectively share, discuss and find solutions to these challenges. Attendees will leave with takeaways on how to build a strong Crypto Center of Excellence, drive crypto agility and seamlessly manage multitudes of certificates and keys in a hybrid environment. The presenters are a mix of thought leaders, seasoned security professionals, and industry partners who will provide actionable insights and unique perspectives to tackle the ever-changing crypto world with cutting-edge technology.

Here are some of the speakers presenting at the event:

  • David Anthony Mahdi, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner
  • Sean Ryan, Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals, Forrester
  • Anoosh Saboori, Product Manager, Cloud Security Platform, Google
  • Ivan Skowronski, Lead of Cybersecurity Architecture Team, Telecom Argentina
  • Nick Draffen, Sr. Security Architect, Thermo Fisher
  • Richard Barstow, Lead Security Architect, Eversource
  • Larry Biagini, Special Advisor, Brighton Park Capital
  • Kiran Punjabi, Fastenal

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About AppViewX

AppViewX CERT+ is a next gen machine identity and PKI management suite that allows for end-to-end automation of certificate and key lifecycles across environments and vendors. It makes certificate management streamlined and efficient, allowing for endless upward scalability and cryptographic agility. The solution also provides enterprises with advanced PKI self-service, private key protection and policy enforcement both, on and off the cloud via strong integrations with leading PKI, IAM, cybersecurity, and DevOps solutions. AppViewX customers are among the world’s most demanding Fortune 1000 organizations in financial services and banking, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, and high tech.

AppViewX automates NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps for six of the top ten global commercial banks, five of the top ten global media companies, and five of the top ten managed healthcare providers. AppViewX is headquartered in New York, U.S. with additional offices in U.K., Australia and three development centers of excellence in India. For more information, visit

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