Benefits of Using FIDO Authentication

In Episode S2E22, we examine Fast ID Online (FIDO) standards-based authentication that ends reliance on passwords, protects user credentials, and resists phishing attacks. FIDO supports the remote pandemic-era workforce by ensuring critical data residing on home-based systems and mobile devices remains secure and uncompromised.

Our guest, Steven Humphreys, CEO of Identiv, answers questions such as:

  • Why are home networks so much more vulnerable to malicious attacks than corporate networks?
  • Why is the use of passwords no longer advisable?
  • What devices are FIDO2 security keys compatible with?

Join us for a fascinating conversation that may change how you authenticate online.

Steven Humphreys was appointed Identiv CEO in September 2015 and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1996. Mr. Humphreys brings over three decades of industry experience as a leader of security technology companies, focusing on government-grade logical and physical access control, secure credentials and digital identity solutions, and RFID and mobile app software. 

The companies he’s led include SCM Microsystems, ActivCard, Hirsch/Identiv, and others. Mr. Humphreys holds a B.S. degree from Yale University and M.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Stanford University.

Steven Bowcut is an award-winning journalist covering cyber and physical security. He is an editor and writer for Brilliance Security Magazine as well as other security and non-security online publications. Follow and connect with Steve on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.