Cequence Marshals Advanced AI to Thwart Bots

By Peter Kelley

Bots are now hitting organizations of every size, across all industries – particularly retailers and the financial and payments ecosystem – with new ferocity. Financially motivated malicious bot attacks target the retailer’s web, mobile, and API applications, and results include: click fraud, account takeover, fake accounts, API abuse, denial of inventory, gift card fraud, money laundering, reputation damage and more.

Malicious bots now account for 1/3 of all internet traffic, and hyper-connected targets such as banks, FIs and merchants, and other sectors are heavily targeted – largely because criminals now have such easy access to credentials on the dark web, as well as the tools and infrastructure to leverage them.

Cequence has just introduced the Cequence ASP platform to combat the problem.

Cequence ASP is an open, extensible, distributed software platform and highly automated solution. Its patent-pending analytics engine (CQAI) combines applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analysis designed to meet evolving security requirements. It enables security teams to

  • automatically discover and protect the hundreds of web, mobile and API applications deployed across the full organization;
  • detect and automatically determine the source, target and intent of potentially malicious attacks, by continually ingesting and analyzing metadata from client-server traffic; and
  • defend against detected attacks and automatically ends them by applying policy-based mitigation techniques, including blocking, deception, rate limiting, etc.

Shreyans Mehta, CTO and co-founder of Cequence Security, said, “The CQAI engine helps improve productivity, and also eliminates the tedious, time-consuming task of dealing with JavaScript injections and SDK modifications for each web and mobile application.  This outdated process is still a requirement of first-generation bot defense products and can waste hundreds of staff hours each year. We’ve now restored that lost productivity.”

Named a 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor, the platform is now deployed in production environments at several Internet-powered organizations, including a Fortune 100 multinational financial services corporation and a Fortune 500 cosmetics retailer.

More information is available at https://www.cequence.ai/