Nyotron Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Ingram Micro – Why You Should Care

Nyotron, an Israeli company, and provider of the industry’s first OS-Centric Positive Security solution to strengthen endpoint protection announced that the company has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Ingram Micro to help it accelerate its global presence – particularly in the United States – and build its global channel ecosystem. Why is that important to you?

An important part of this strategic partnership is a $10 million investment from Ingram Micro.  This investment expands on an existing relationship between Nyotron and Ingram Micro, which began earlier this year when the companies entered into a distribution agreement, whereby Nyotron’s security solution was offered on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Ingram Micro is a remarkable company in that they actually conduct business according to their publicly stated values. This is becoming more and more uncommon.  Ingram Micro’s values state:

Ingram Micro will focus on enhancing the success of its business partners, associates and investors while embracing its values of innovation, accountability, integrity, teamwork and respect, learning and social responsibility. We commit to these values to guide our decisions and our behaviors

This partnership with Nyotron is an example of how they enhance the success of their business partners.

From the official press notification of this partnership, “Throughout our partnership with Ingram Micro, we’ve seen their teams offer tremendous opportunities to both channel partners and software vendors across the globe,” said Sagit Manor, CEO of Nyotron. “This strategic partnership is a validation of the vision both companies had and will allow Nyotron to boost our US presence, build out our channel program, and further bolster our sales and marketing efforts in order to increase security posture around the globe. We are proud to expand our relationship with a well-respected industry leader such as Ingram Micro.”

Nyotron is a remarkable company as well.  Brilliance Security Magazine first wrote about them after we talked with Nir Gaist (Founder and CTO) at Black Hat 2018.  They provide the industry’s first OS-Centric Positive Security to strengthen laptop, desktop, and server protection. By mapping legitimate operating system behavior, Nyotron’s PARANOID understands all the normative ways that may lead to damage, such as file deletion, data exfiltration, encryption, and more. Focusing on these finite “good” actions allows PARANOID to be completely agnostic to threats and attack vectors. PARANOID works seamlessly with antivirus and next-generation antivirus solutions to provide the last line of defense from modern state-level attacks.

Nimesh Dave, Ingram Micro Executive Vice President, Global Cloud said, “We continue to be impressed by Nyotron’s technology and vision; and see this partnership as an important element of our strategy to grow our ISV ecosystem. We are committed to a long-term partnership with Nyotron to help them expand their reach and broaden their market position. We look forward to supporting further innovation from Nyotron.”

So, again, why should you care? Well, you see, this is how new and innovative solutions find their way to the marketplace where we can benefit from them.  There are lots of “good ideas” out there, but if someone like Ingram Micro is not willing to assume some risk and make an investment they are not likely to become anything more than just a “good idea.”  We applaud this partnership, not just because we believe Nyotron has a valuable security solution, but also because we believe good things happen when good companies establish, and then live by, important corporate values.

If you are unfamiliar with Nyotron – watch this video to learn how they are the “last line of defense.”

By: Steven Bowcut, CPP, PSP, Brilliance Security Magazine Editor-in-Chief