Byos μGateway Brings New Security to Remote Networking, Enabling Zero Trust Access on Any Remote Wi-Fi Connection

Secures Users and Their Organization’s Network Against Attacks that VPNs Can’t Protect Against

By Jeff Steuart

COVID-19 continues to drive work-from-home, and more organizations are striving to sustain and bolster security and compliance as a result.  Byos™’ introduction of its new μGateway™ (“micro-gateway”) gives organizations a new means to secure sensitive data and prevent contagion of corporate networks by remote workers on “dirty” home and public Wi-Fi – a wider-than-understood problem, given that many organizations aren’t asking employees whether they share home network access with less risk-aware family members, such as gamers, for example.  

The μGateway is a plug-and-play solution that extends Zero Trust access to any remote Wi-Fi connection. Citing that VPNs protect only data in transit, Byos officials promise that the Byos μGateway protects against attacks that VPNs can’t defend against, such as:  

  • Scanning, Enumerating, and Fingerprinting
  • Eavesdropping
  • Remote Access Exploits
  • Evil-Twin Wi-Fi
  • Lateral Network Infections
  • DNS hijacking

“Threat actors are well-aware of the attack openings on these networks that legacy remote access solution like VPNs were not designed to protect against,” said Byos CEO and Founder Matias Katz who warned that there’s no easy way ensure that remote users to comply with corporate security policies, or provision new policies remotely.

“Byos provides seamless hardware separation needed to create that extra layer of protection. Indeed, Zero Trust has an asset-based sibling … it is Byos,” said John Checco, President Emeritus at NY Metro InfraGard
The Byos μGateway is a hardened, embedded security stack on a small USB device. It isolates each endpoint onto its own unique network micro-segment of one, invoking “Zero Trust” and protecting the device from potentially compromised networks and other nodes on the network. This lets employees, contractors and devices safely and securely connect to any network.

“The Byos architecture appears to make it easily adaptable to different types of endpoints and make deployment and usage straightforward for both IT security teams and end users,” said Paula Musich, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates.

“It’s a business imperative that employees and contractors can work from anywhere, with assurances that their connection is secure,” Katz concluded.

Byos offers pricing for pros, businesses and large enterprises, and also offers an introductory “Starter 5-Pack” with five µGateway Devices and its cloud-based Management Console access for $1795 USD. More information is available at byos.io_get-started.

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