CCTV Monitoring: Who Should Make Use of Surveillance Security?

Guest Contribution By: Apache Security, South Africa

There are various sectors and industries which should aim to make surveillance system installation and monitoring a part of their security solutions. Surveillance security, through the use of CCTV equipment, can provide many benefits.

So, who should make use of surveillance security?

Domestic Households

Domestic households greatly benefit from the use of CCTV systems for multiple reasons, which can be monitored and maintained in the safety of homes. These include:

  • Identifying people wanting to enter the property for access control
  • Monitoring young children at home while they are under the care of a nanny
  • Remotely viewing any suspicious activities

Industrial Enterprises

CCTV installation and monitoring is also widely used by industrial enterprises. These organisations use surveillance security in order to:

  • Monitor staff
  • Deter theft
  • Ensure operational efficiency
  • Control access
  • Safeguard expensive assets against vandalism or misuse

Retail Businesses

Retail businesses use CCTV monitoring to achieve various objectives. Surveillance security in shops and malls can be used for:

  • People counting – this is a feature on some systems whereby businesses can gather information on how many customers they have had
  • Theft reduction – the mere presence of CCTV systems can deter criminals and staff from theft
  • Reactive security – should there be stock missing, users are able to look back on footage in order to identify suspects

Educational Facilities

Lastly, educational facilities are one of the industries where CCTV monitoring is required to protect young children, as well as academic resources. Surveillance security is also recently being used in young childcare facilities in order to allow parent to remotely view their little treasures while they are at work, offering much needed peace of mind.

Have surveillance equipment installation done correctly through a professional CCTV security company, who may also be able to offer your business a 24/7 monitoring service, so you can focus on running your business under maximum safety.