The Best Security System Features for 2021

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief,

The security market today is more diverse and accessible than it ever has been. Businesses and consumers alike have access to a tremendous range of different technologies, fitting every occasion and budget. Still, a recent report found that 46.9% of homeowners and renters don’t have any security system installed.

Businesses tend to have more security systems in place, but there’s always room for improvement. Here are five features that will prove most desirable for homes and businesses in 2021.

1. Automation and AI

One of the most impactful recent trends in security is automation. Many home and business security systems today can operate independently after users program them. Common automated features include alerts, lights, and locks. When systems handle these aspects on their own, even the most forgetful users can enjoy robust security.

An increasing number of security devices now feature AI capabilities. AI systems learn users’ behaviors and preferences and adjust to accommodate them better over time. As a result, they make security systems more valuable the longer people use them.

2. Mobile Support

As part of the smart home revolution, many security devices today come with mobile support. Users can control these from their smartphones, either through a dedicated app or a virtual assistant like Siri. These features enable users to have constant access to their systems.

People rarely go anywhere without their phones. As such, smartphones provide the perfect platform for alerts and controls. By leveraging these devices, today’s security systems can ensure that users are always up-to-date and in control. Any system that doesn’t feature mobile support is insufficient for 2021.

3. Voice Control

Many modern security devices also feature voice control, either built-in or through a compatible virtual assistant. These make it easier for users to adjust their system. Businesses and homeowners don’t have to struggle with a clunky user interface or open a program to change or check their safety features.

Another advantage of voice control is that one command can adjust multiple settings in many systems today. Users can set various modes or schedules for their devices to follow that they can activate with a single phrase. This level of accessibility makes home and office security far more convenient for a broader range of people.

4. Data Security and Privacy Tools

Many, if not most, security devices today feature internet connectivity. This has many advantages but also presents a potential risk. Criminals can hack into smart security devices if they don’t feature robust cybersecurity features. Consequently, data security is a must for any security system in 2021.

Businesses and homeowners should look for devices that come with cybersecurity features like built-in encryption. Looking for vendors with a history of reliable data protection is essential. With so many devices today featuring internet connectivity, users must secure their systems.

5. Cloud Connectivity

The more accessible a security system is, the better. One of the most significant steps toward accessibility with modern devices is cloud connectivity. The cloud can make smart devices run more smoothly and improve their data storage solutions.

Security cameras today typically capture full or ultra-HD video, which takes up more storage space. With cloud connectivity, users don’t have to worry about running out of room from these larger file sizes. It also enables them to access and view any data these devices collect from anywhere.

Robust Security Is More Accessible Than Ever

Home and office security used to be expensive and inaccessible. Today, the industry is more user-friendly than ever, making it a possibility for businesses and consumers of any budget.

With such an accessible and diverse market, there’s no reason not to update security systems today. These five features will prove to be the most helpful.

Devin Partida is an industrial tech writer and the Editor-in-Chief of, a digital magazine for all things technology, big data, cryptocurrency, and more. To read more from Devin, please check out the site.

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