Two-Way Radios: How Instant Communication Protects Your Security Team

By Stewart McClintic, Corporate Account Manager at HQ98

There is nothing more important in the private security industry than the safety of your security team. Security guards are tasked with protecting all types of people and property at all times of the day or night and it is important that they have the necessary tools to protect themselves.

Instant communication via two-way radio is one of the best ways for security guards to reach their team members to communicate suspicious incidents or send out a distress call during moments of imminent danger. The push-to-talk nature of two-way radios ensures that a guard in distress can call for backup quickly and efficiently.

Michael Morrison is the president of LionHeart Security Services with over 30 years of experience in the private security industry. He said that two-way radios are first and foremost a safety device and they should be supplied to every agent out in the field.

“The fact is a two-way radio is a tool for officer safety more than anything else,” Morrison said. “The ability for someone to instantly communicate a need for backup is imperative to help a security guard in distress. You don’t use them because they are fun to use but because they are the safest way to quickly communicate with your team.”

Morrison went on to say that communication devices such as cell phones are great tools for everyday people, but the constant need to unlock phones and dial numbers makes them inefficient in the private security industry or any public safety profession.

“Security can deal with incredibly difficult and sometimes dangerous people and you need to be able to call backup fast if things take a turn for the worst,” Morrison said. “Have you ever tried to dial your phone when someone is attacking you? It does not work, two-way radios push-to-talk functions allow for the safest and most efficient communication.”

Most security companies want a radio that gives a really clear form of communication where they can set up private channels for quiet and private communication. Digital radios are the most popular choice for most security companies since they get the clearest signal and the most range.

The two most popular radio brands are Kenwood and Motorola. Both brands make quality radios so security companies looking to purchase two-way radios will be happy with the quality of either one.

There are many types of two-way radios and selecting the correct one is extremely important. Security service companies might consider looking at high-powered UHF radios over VHF radios, and newer digital/UHF or VHF, or even a purely digital radio in the 900mhz range.

A UHF generally tends to get better coverage in a more localized area than VHF does — although a VHF signal can technically travel further over open spaces. A UHF tends to get through structures better.

Digital/UHF radios will get better coverage than traditional analog radio and will make signals more reliable.

If you take all these things into account then finding a two-way radio for your security team will be a simple process.

Stewart McClintic is the Corporate Account Manager at HQ98, a two-way radio retailer in Scottsdale Arizona. HQ98 helps security companies coordinate staff efforts in logistic front line operations by offering two-way radios, wireless supplies, material, and equipment where they are needed in the U.S. for both businesses & consumers.

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