Why More Companies Should Switch to Tamper-Proof Packaging

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, ReHack.com

As remote work has risen and scams have surged, businesses now have a renewed interest in cybersecurity. As pressing as these issues are, physical safety should still concern companies amid the pandemic. Specifically, organizations may have to pay more attention to package security.

With lockdown regulations in place, people have turned to deliveries for many of their shopping needs. Shipping companies have seen Christmas-level demands as a result, making secure delivery more crucial than ever. Now that people are ordering more packages, tamper-proof packaging is essential.

Here are five ways tamper-proof packaging can help companies amid this challenging circumstance:

1. Preventing Contamination

Tamper-proof packaging first emerged in the 1980s after the Tylenol poisoning crisis. Since bottles of Tylenol weren’t tamper-proof, someone was able to contaminate them with potassium cyanide, killing seven people. While occurrences like this are rare, it’s a risk businesses can’t afford to take, especially with higher shipment rates.

More recently, a trend saw people opening and licking ice cream in grocery stores. This example is far less dire but still presents a health risk and could affect sales. Tamper-proof packaging prevents situations like this from ever happening, keeping products un-contaminated.

2. Avoiding Physical Damage

Poison and saliva aren’t the only threats that better package security addresses. If someone tampers with a product’s packaging, no matter their intentions, they could damage the item inside. Tamper-proof packaging helps companies protect their products from these situations.

Tamper-proof packaging typically involves more resilient materials than standard options, further protecting the goods inside. If delivery trucks have a bumpy route, less sturdy packages may not hold up, leading to product breakage. More robust packaging ensures goods stay safe throughout the logistics process.

3. Reducing the Risk of Theft

High stress and financial worries are leading causes of employee theft, and amid COVID-19, these issues are high. Frustrated employees may feel tempted to steal from work, but tamper-proof packaging helps reduce that risk. Since these measures make opening packages less straightforward, people may think twice before getting the product inside.

Employee theft is typically an opportunistic crime, and tamper-proof packaging removes the opportunity. Stealing goods from these packages takes more commitment, so employees won’t likely bother attempting to do so. Companies will then prevent product loss and ensure customers get what they order.

4. Improving Customer Loyalty

Secure delivery is important to businesses and their customers. Now that consumers are ordering more packages than before, damaged goods are a prevalent concern for them. Tamper-proof packaging reassures them that their products are safe and that the company cares about them.

Customers are more likely to trust products that show a commitment to their safety and satisfaction. Tamper-proof seals are a visible demonstration of that kind of care, helping companies increase their customer loyalty.

5. Increasing Profits

While customers may be ordering more items than ever, many companies still face financial difficulty amid the pandemic. Switching to tamper-proof packaging can help increase sales and decrease costs. First, the improved customer loyalty these features bring will lead to more orders and increased income.

Secondly, it takes less material to secure a tamper-proof package in storage and shipping, which reduces costs. Since tamper-proof packaging also prevents product breakage and loss, it also avoids losses related to those issues. Producing these features may cost more upfront, but they’ll bring savings in the future.

Tamper-Proof Packaging Is Essential in Today’s Security Landscape

Package security has always been a worthwhile endeavor, but now, it’s an essential security step. With more packages moving through the supply chain, increased financial issues and higher employee stress, issues like theft and breakage are more likely. Tamper-proof packaging can prevent these costly situations and improve the security of a company’s products.

Devin Partida is an industrial tech writer and the Editor-in-Chief of ReHack.com, a digital magazine for all things technology, big data, cryptocurrency and more. To read more from Devin, please check out the site.

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