Preventing Identify Theft Is Not Child’s Play

While we are all aware that businesses and individuals are subject to identity theft in increasing numbers, did you know that child identity theft is also on the rise? Why is this happening?

Children’s credit histories are often blank slates, and fraudsters may be able to get away with stealing a child’s identity for a longer time because we generally do not check our children’s credit reports. Without their use of credit cards, there may be no indication that anything is wrong until our children try to obtain credit, jobs or loans. While adults can freeze their credit, we don’t typically think of doing this for our children. And children are more trusting; thus, they are easier to take advantage of, particularly by family friends and relatives.

The accompanying infographic, Child Identity Theft 101, is a good introduction to the subject. It presents the reasons why children and teens are at risk, the common signs of child identity theft, and ways to help prevent our teens and children from becoming victims. Print this out and post it where you and your older children can refer to it often. Pretty soon, detection and prevention of identity theft will become second nature — to the adults as well as the children in your household.

Don’t wait until your child’s identity has been stolen to do something about it! Face it head on and tackle it now, before your child’s private information — and his or her financial future — has been compromised.


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