An Interview with Sung Cho, VP of Growth and Strategy at SEWORKS

She always thinks about how to make things better – and loves making that happen

After studying international business and working in the fashion industry in New York, Sung Cho made the big shift to the tech industry.  As the VP of Growth and Strategy for a leading provider of offensive and defensive app security, SEWORKS, she is now a multifunctional player performing marketing, PR, business development, and project management roles. She loves building and maintaining relationships around the globe, and experimenting with different ways to create the most efficient results.

Brilliance Security Magazine had the distinct pleasure of talking with Sung Cho, a delightfully knowledgeable young tech executive, to learn more about what SEWORKS is doing in the field of app security.  With irrepressible enthusiasm, she talked about how SEWORKS helps to ensure mobile and web apps are safe from dangerous hacking threats that can destroy intellectual property and expose sensitive user information.

SEWORKS was founded in 2013 by a team of white hat hackers to provide elite protection for applications. With the tagline of “Real Geeks,” they are dedicated to advancing the state of app security for developers on Web, iOS, Android, Unity, and many other platforms. Their mission is to empower developers to focus on building great products by providing comprehensive and easy-to-use security solutions.

SEWORKS is headquartered in San Francisco, US, and has an R&D Center in Seoul, Korea. It is backed by SoftBank Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures, and others.

Sung told us, “Right now we have two prominent app security solutions for our customers. One is AppSolid, which focuses on mobile apps, and the other is Pentoma which focuses on web apps.”

“AppSolid is advanced mobile app protection that works with both Android and iOS. The reason we made it as easy as possible is that we know that developers often don’t have enough time to implement security.  Some don’t have the required expertise to do so. We don’t require any coding integrations through the app development stage.  You simply upload the totally compiled file and then, within minutes, you are able to download with protection installed,” she explained.

This short video gives a graphical representation of what Sung explained to us about AppSolid.

Sung then went on to tell us about Pentoma.  Pentoma is a deep learning penetration testing solution that identifies holes in your web application security before hackers do, helping prevent any potential damages. Pentoma analyzes every web-based app and server including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more to find known and unknown security risks.  Sung remarked, “The way it works is pretty simple. Our customers provide the URL of the web app that they’d like to test. Once we receive the information, Pentoma starts conducting a real hacking attack to find any possible security holes. When it’s done, Pentoma automatically generates a full report and we share that with the customer.”

Another SEWORKS produced video explains the process.

Pentoma’s unique deep learning and AI technologies advance itself to move beyond the rapidly changing security trends. She said, “We are unique. Currently, in the market, there are human pen testers who utilize automated tools, but we have actually created a fully automated pen testing tool.”

Web application security holes can cause significant damage to your business. However, hiring security experts for pen testing is complicated and costly. SEWORKS claims that with Pentoma’s deep learning pen testing technology — it’s now accessible and affordable. Pentoma actively finds security vulnerabilities and provides detailed analysis. Think of Pentoma as your private red team on duty 24/7, finding security risks to help prevent damages in advance.

Whether it is building in mobile app security or pen testing web apps, SEWORKS provides a solution.  If you are an app developer, you can check them out at

By: Steven Bowcut, CPP, PSP, Brilliance Security Magazine Editor-in-Chief.