2018 Security Predictions – Hack Election Machines

As we move into 2018 and learn more about what did, and what did not, actually affect the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016 it is clear that the most significant threats come from what we have come to term “Fake News.”  We have learned much about social media efforts designed solely to disrupt the dissemination of accurate and balanced information, news stories that seemingly come from nowhere loaded with juicy information that cannot be corroborated, and even real-life in-person events organized by groups with no political agenda above causing disruption and chaos.

WatchGuard Technologies called this one right in their 2018 Security Predictions series.  Watch the video below.

“Given the research that emerged at DefCon 2017 surrounding vulnerabilities in voting machines obtained off eBay, launching a targeted attack at these platforms seems like a no-brainer. Or is it? Perhaps they’ll decide instead to impact the elections through less-direct methods that could be just as effective.”