How Can Large Enterprises Keep Endpoints Updated and Protected? – In 2 Minutes

The security challenge that we will address in this episode is, how can you keep your endpoints updated and protected – particularly if you are a large enterprise?

If you are a security practitioner for a large enterprise, this is likely a challenge you struggle with continuously.

Whether it’s desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets; endpoints are – by far – the most vulnerable part of your systems.

For a large organization, it can take weeks to identify which devices are vulnerable and then remediate. The average time for companies to resolve security vulnerabilities is over a month.

In today’s world, your adversaries just won’t give you that much time. They are exploiting vulnerabilities within hours of learning about them – sometimes even before your security team is aware of the weakness.

There needs to be a faster, more automated way, to continuously scan for known vulnerabilities and remediate without human intervention.

So, we went looking for a solution.

We heard that there may be something on the horizon that does just what we were looking for. So, heading into the RSA Conference, we spoke with Jim Souders, CEO of Adaptiva Software to get some insights into a new product launch scheduled for the show.

As you’re likely aware, Adaptiva is known for providing endpoint management solutions to large enterprises.

Named Evolve VM, this new solution leverages Adaptiva’s peer-to-peer platform to automatically check for thousands of compliance issues and security vulnerabilities across an enterprise’s endpoints, diagnose any problems, and instantly fix those issues without requiring network resources or impacting the end users.

Jim said, “Other companies claim to remediate compliance issues and security vulnerabilities, but sending an alert or opening a help desk ticket is not real remediation.

When Evolve VM detects a vulnerability, it addresses it instantly. This narrows the window of security exposure dramatically.”

He goes on, “There is nothing like Evolve VM on the market today, and it is only possible because of Adaptiva’s technology and long history of distributing software and security updates.”

So, if keeping your endpoints updated, patched, and safe is a drain on your available resources – you might want to take a look at Evolve VM from Adaptiva Software.

Steven Bowcut, CPP, PSP is the Editor-in-Chief for Brilliance Security Magazine