Who Is Watching Your Packages Delivered At Home?

Many people worry about having a “porch bandit” walk off with deliveries made to their home.  As a perk designed to alleviate this fear, some progressive companies allow their employees to have their packages delivered to them at the workplace.  Great idea, right?  Certainly, that is a much-appreciated benefit, but consider what that does to the receptionist, receiving department, and mail room for a large organization.  It could conceivably be a nightmare trying to receive, monitor, and track all of those packages.

We recently ran across what we think is a clever solution to this problem – Envoy Deliveries.  Watch the video and read the excerpt from their blog below.  We would love to hear what you think about this solution for simplifying personal packages being delivered to the workplace. We are not endorsing this product, we have not tried it ourselves, but it seems to provide a creative solution to a security problem.

Introducing Envoy Deliveries

Here at Envoy, we believe that every company deserves tools that help them work on what matters. We started by improving visitor sign-in, and now, four years (and 15 million visitors!) later, we are taking on our next challenge.

We gave it considerable thought and realized the answer was right in front of us: It was manifested in the mountains of deliveries piled up on front desks, in boxes overflowing from mailrooms into hallways, and in customers asking us, “So, uh, what do we do when packages arrive and not just visitors?” Unfortunately we had to admit we didn’t have a good answer.

That’s why today we’re thrilled to announce our newest product, Envoy Deliveries. It’s the simple solution for package management. Deliveries lets your office:

  • Instantly record incoming deliveries by snapping a photo
  • Automatically alert employees when their deliveries arrive (we use OCR to automate everything)
  • Keep sending reminders until deliveries actually get picked up!
  • Stay fully informed with inventory logs and at-a-glance analytics

It’s a simple concept, but it solves a common problem. Automating everything just saves so much time—even for companies that didn’t previously think of delivery management as an issue.

We’ve been fortunate to have some of our top customers beta test Deliveries, and the feedback has been spectacular!

“After using Deliveries, I can’t believe how smooth our process has become. We no longer have to notify people individually and there’s no more chaos with everyone requesting their packages at the same time. With Deliveries, our team is free to focus on more important work.”

—Shai Fogel, Launcher, Mindspace

“Envoy Deliveries has been fantastic for our team. Deliveries has expedited our mail management process and employees are much better about picking up their packages. We also love that we can assign nicknames and delay notifications, which gives us time to drop off packages at their designated areas.”

—Mina Choe, Workplace Experience, Thumbtack

“I can’t say enough good things about Envoy Deliveries. Our package management process has been completely streamlined. Deliveries has allowed us to make our mail system scalable.”

—Lilianna Perez, Front Desk Coordinator, GitHub

I’m incredibly excited to keep bringing great experiences to the workplace. Visitors and Deliveries are just two pieces of what will become a much bigger ecosystem. Please keep sending us your feedback, and we’ll make sure to keep creating great things!

Thanks for trying out our products and for trusting us with such core pieces of your office.

– Larry Gadea

Founder and CEO, Envoy