Mivatek Smart Connect talked about “Smart Connect as a Service” at ISC West

Brilliance Security Magazine spoke with CEO, Joe Liu, of Mivatek Smart Connect (previously “Mivatek”) at the recent ISC West conference.  Mivatek is an interactive Protection Service platform provider.  At the show, they announced the introduction of their “Smart Connect as a Service” (SCAS). This new offering is targeted towards service providers and brand owners for ODM Smart Home, Smart Care, Smart Business, and Smart Community solutions and service.

Mivatek Smart Connect mobile-cloud, and auto-configurable security, safety, monitoring, wellness, and automation control systems will help global service providers and brand owners with connected data; automation control; and recurrent fee-based protection service. Rather than the “piecemeal” approach, Mivatek Smart Connect brings complete protection and automation packages to a wide range of applications, including retirement communities, HOA, enterprises, retail establishments and more.

Joe said, “In retirement communities, for example, Mivatek Smart Connect’s SCAS cloud service provides a video-integrated smart home, smart security, independent living and unified communication system to shape a well-protected community that delivers connected service to benefit all residents. The mobile-cloud can easily manage multiple connected devices, functions, locations, and users while integrating the ActionView™ Video in one app to further sync the information to assigned recipients for immediate response and enhanced protection.”

The Sha Maison Smart Residential Community Protection project in Chiba, Japan, is a proof of concept for SCAS. When completed, it will showcase the capabilities of the SCAS offering (and will also be the first all-WiFi connected protection system in Japan).  The project calls for all Wi-Fi connected video, security, safety, and independent living devices for mobile-cloud, video-verified collaborative protection of all 700 units, as well as common areas in Sha Maison, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sekisui House, Ltd. Mini IP Cameras, Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Door/Window Sensors, Panic Buttons, Motion Sensors, and Sirens are used to cover each unit; Outdoor IP cameras cover the units as well as the common areas. (SCAS can work with Mivatek Smart Connect smart devices or devices from a third-party provider.)

The heart of the Sha Maison system is a powerful self-monitored mobile-cloud Command Center managed by Mivatek’s cloud platform. The platform software is intuitive and programmable to satisfy a variety of interactive protection applications. A community operator oversees the system using an iPad/tablet and or web browser.
When a device is triggered, family members will get mobile video alert, and emergency contacts will get mobile push notifications. If there is no response within one minute, the community operator will receive an alert, after which the operator can communicate with the residence in the app directly and then call the first responder accordingly.

“Our new SCAS service allows communities, businesses, and other enterprises to capitalize on the benefits of a comprehensive, fully integrated, smart protection system,” said Joe “It’s no longer necessary to put together a system from disparate parts and have to worry about connectivity, interoperability, and overall functionality.
“With SCAS, the enterprise gains an entire system that ensures all parts work together seamlessly. And the video capability brings an added level of security and verification that makes the system even more efficient.”

The foundation of the SCAS offering is the Mivatek platform, a proven reliable, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, home, business, & community protection service cloud-app that integrates ActionView video with security, safety, care, automation, energy, data acquisition, in-app communication, and rich ecosystem partners’ control in 1-app for service providers’ turnkey value-added B2C connected protection service. The Mivatek mobile cloud supports 11 leading ecosystem partner’s smart devices.