Corsa Security Automates Virtual Firewall as a Service

Allows MSSPs to offer a virtualized firewall service with increased speed, agility, and simplicity

OTTAWA, ON (Canada) – Oct 13, 2020Corsa Security announced today that it has expanded its turnkey network security virtualization platform to automate Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS). The new solution means that Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Service Providers (SPs) can offer a virtualized FWaaS that replaces customers’ physical firewalls. The platform provides simple, automated virtualization of hardware firewalls and zero-touch network security operations. Instead of complicated hardware deployments or DIY virtualization projects, MSSPs can quickly and easily offer an unlimited number of virtual firewalls. With a pay-as-you-grow model, it also reduces the MSSP’s network operations expense to deliver better ROI.

“Current firewall architectures are complicated, do not scale and lock you in,” said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Corsa Security. “That’s why enterprises no longer want to own and manage their own physical firewalls. MSSPs can address this need and expand their offering by enabling a Firewall as a Service which replaces physical firewalls with virtual firewalls. But they need a turnkey solution to automate firewall virtualization so their customer support team can quickly and easily spin up new services immediately. We’ve eliminated the need for scarce DevOps skills with this intuitive, integrated addition to our platform.”

Built on a Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE) framework, the Corsa Security platform offers push-button provisioning and seamlessly integrates with firewall license and policy management systems for ultimate simplicity in firewall configuration, deployment and migration from physical to virtual firewalls. All of this is managed through the intuitive, centralized Corsa Security Orchestrator.

“What’s been conspicuously missing when deploying virtualized firewalls, on-prem, for North-South traffic, is a sensible orchestration platform that lets non-engineers spin up and manage multiple firewalls in zero-touch fashion,” said Tony Burgard, Technical Account Manager at Trace3, an information technology company and Managed Service Provider. “Most companies today manage complex hybrid cloud environments. Deploying multiple virtual firewalls is relatively easy in the public cloud and needs to be just as easily deployed for on-prem environments as part of a digital transformation. Corsa Security understands this.”

Since the platform supports multi-tenancy, MSSPs can offer specific services and capacity to individual customers in minutes, quickly scale their service offerings and add innovative new virtualized services over time. Integration with security operations center (SoC) monitoring, billing, and inventory tools further increases ease of deployment, meaning the provider doesn’t need to change the way they work. With a low cost of entry and a pay-as-you-grow model, the platform reduces the MSSP’s network operations budget, resulting in a more profitable service that can be built upon to offer additional SASE-based services in the future.

About Corsa Security

Corsa Security is the leader in scaling network security with the first turnkey network security virtualization platform that simplifies how large enterprises and service providers expand traffic inspection, increase threat protection and automate firewall virtualization, at a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO). By tightly integrating virtualization with intelligent orchestration, Corsa Security streamlines deployment, management and migration of virtualized next generation firewalls (NGFW) for zero-touch network security operations. Customers subscribe to the Corsa Security services based on their current needs and then pay as they grow while never having to deal with the infrastructure. Learn how Corsa Security is revolutionizing network security at

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