Cashless Payment Services and Preventing Fraud

In episode S2E16 we talk with Eric Solis, the CEO of MovoCash, and discuss how consumer demand for cashless payment is changing society and how financial institutions can offer competitive digital services while preventing fraud.

We examine the “state of the industry” as it relates to cashless payments and bank fraud. We talk about the need for new banking standards and look at whether or not a government-backed digital dollar is a good idea.

Eric describes a better way of making cashless payments than just handing over a credit or debit card number that gives merchants access to your entire credit limit or bank balance.

For more than 15 years, Eric Solis has been a key contributor to the advancement of digital finance, including payments, micro-investing, securities, money transfer systems, transfer agents, and record keeping. 

Today, he is the founder and CEO of MovoCash, Inc. and is combining the best of banking and blockchain through MOVO, a highly-secure payment card platform that empowers customers to instantly send and spend money right from a mobile phone, even without a bank account. 

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