How We Can Effectively Restart Operations While Protecting Our Employees’ and Citizens’ Health and Safety

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted operations around the world is the understatement of the decade. That being said, businesses and governments are under mounting pressure to restart their operations as quickly as possible. With social distancing and other measures helping to curtail the spread, organizations are turning their attention to a critical question: “How do we effectively restart operations while protecting our employees’ and citizens’ health and safety?”

In episode S2E12 we talk with Alan Stoddard, Vice President and General Manager, Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions. He says adjusting to these new conditions demands a pragmatic approach that addresses the potential risk to employees in various environments while also delivering a degree of confidence to customers that an organization is taking a meaningful, proactive posture to keep people safe and healthy. Also, as circumstances change, obtaining the insight to adapt to those changes, and implementing workplace health and safety tools are crucial for businesses to stay one step ahead and remain agile.

Alan Stoddard, VP & GM, Situational Intelligence Solutions, for Verint Systems is an experienced global technology executive with a proven record of delivering earnings and revenue growth. As global business leader for Verint’s situational intelligence solutions business unit, he focuses on delivering class-leading video management solutions, situational awareness, and actionable intelligence to mission-critical environments in government, critical infrastructure, transportation, and enterprise. 

Steven Bowcut is an award-winning journalist covering cyber and physical security. He is an editor and writer for Brilliance Security Magazine as well as other security and non-security online publications. Follow and connect with Steve on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.