Corsa Technology shifts strategic direction to develop a winning approach for scaling network security

Eduardo Cervantes joins the company as CEO and adds security industry heavyweights to Steering Committee

OTTAWA, ON (Canada) – May 29, 2019 – Corsa Technology today announced it has developed the winning approach for scaling network security by virtualizing the network security stack, which provides the simplicity, performance, and flexibility that large enterprises need. While the technology solves a variety of cyber-security problems, the firm’s first area of focus is to solve the SSL/TLS inspection gap for high-throughput networks. By leveraging unique networking expertise and proven virtualization technologies, Corsa’s approach is built on software-defined network security principles and allows large enterprises to scale their network security to achieve 100% SSL/TLS visibility in an economical way.

Driving the company’s revolutionary approach is its new CEO, Eduardo Cervantes, an expert in cybersecurity, cloud, and SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies. Cervantes’ combination of investment banking experience with operational and entrepreneurial expertise has enabled him to scale several organizations into major industry players, including ClearPath Technologies, Password Bank and Panda Security.

“We’re transforming a decade-old approach to security for large networks which is clearly not working,” says Cervantes. “Current security appliances can’t keep up with decrypting the amount of traffic coming into enterprises and maintaining network performance at the same time. Enterprises using 10Gbps links or more are faced with an SSL inspection gap and a tough choice: live with unchecked traffic coming into the organization or buy more specialized, single-purpose hardware. With the dramatic increase in security threats, as well as changing traffic demands and mix, it’s simply unsustainable to try and solve this issue by installing even bigger security appliances. Our virtualized solution allows customers to maintain 100% visibility of all traffic, with a dynamic, elastic architecture which will cope with future increases in network demands.”

Cervantes also has a history of building world-class teams and has already made significant appointments to the Corsa Steering Committee. Tim Mather, former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Symantec, brings over 30 years of experience as an information security executive. He helps businesses with transitional or additive CISO guidance and has been an advisor and/or angel investor for several information security start-ups, including CyCognito, DarkBytes, and GhangorCloud. His specialties include cybersecurity/information protection, PKI, C4ISR. Also joining the Steering Committee is Edward Amoroso, currently Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber LLC and former CISO of AT&T. He is also a University Professor, Keynote Speaker, and Prolific Author with six published books. Skilled in Cyber Security, Network Architecture, Wide Area Network (WAN), Managed Services, and Network Design, Amoroso directly served four Presidential Administrations in Cyber Security.

About Corsa Technology

Corsa helps large enterprises, operators and content providers to scale their network security with unwavering performance, unparalleled flexibility and unbelievable simplicity. By combining the Corsa platform with existing security functions, network architects can both increase operational efficiency and handle network growth while giving security architects absolute visibility to reduce risk. For CIOs/CISOs, they can stop buying bigger security appliances by adding physical or virtual security functions horizontally and evolving to software-defined network security. To start on your software-defined network security journey, visit