iStorage Launches datAshur PRO²: their most secure PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted USB flash drive

Just weeks after unveiling the future of cloud security in the form of cloudAshur, iStorage, the award-winning developer and manufacturer of hardware encrypted data storage devices, has announced the launch of the datAshur PRO² – a PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted USB flash drive with next-generation security capabilities.

The ultimate in secure USB flash drive technology, the datAshur PRO² boasts an on-device crypto chip which offers 100% real-time military-grade hardware encryption, iStorage’s largest-ever 512GB capacity, is OS and platform independent with no software required and is cross-platform compatible with systems such as MS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome as well as applications such as medical equipment, printers and scanners; anything in fact that is equipped with a USB drive. 

Ultra Secure and easy to use, datAshur PRO² offers stringent portable data security thanks to a built-in AES-XTS 256-bit full disk hardware encrypted engine.

Uniquely, the device incorporates the same Common Criteria EAL4+ ready secure microprocessor technology as iStorage’s award-winning diskAshur² range. This provides unimpeachable security against hackers and both detects and responds to tampering thanks to features such as dedicated hardware to protect against SPA/ DPA/SEMA, DEMA attacks, advanced protection against physical attacks and environmental protection.

The Superspeed USB 3.2 (Generation 1×1) is also backward compatible with older USB ports for complete convenience and is easy to use; the authorized user unlocks the device with their unique 7-15-digit PIN – simple as that.

Other clever design features include an inactivity autolock, which will see the datAshur PRO² lockdown after a pre-determined period of inactivity. The datAshur PRO² can be used as a fixed disk or removable media, offers read only (write protect) configuration and is IP58 certified. Dust and water resistant, a hard anodized and ruggedized extruded aluminum protective sleeve means the datAshur PRO² is robust and hardwearing, suitable for use in even the most hostile of environments.

Further user security is assured with a self-destruct feature, whitelisting on networks and a brute force hack defense mechanism.

CEO of iStorage John Michael, said, datAshur PRO² sets a new standard in USB flash drive technology. It has unprecedented security features and safety protocols. It is a substantial leap forward from its market leading predecessor, the datAshur PRO USB flash drive and has been designed to be impervious to sophisticated threats from a range of sources. It is our most secure and highest capacity hardware encrypted USB flash drive yet.”

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