LifeSafety Power® Introduces Direct Management Capabilities with Mercury Security Controllers

LifeSafety Power’s intelligent analytics now allow systems integration partners for Mercury Security to utilize direct software management capabilities for monitoring information and alerts generated by LSP’s networked power solutions. Supported through the Mercury EP controller product family, this functionality eliminates the need for users to access separate user interfaces for the access control and power systems. Mercury integration partners can now manage the power system as well as gather and tailor real-time data, including power system information and other alerts, specifically for their needs and those of the end users. The integration provides critical details on the power management system, enabling end-user customers and system installers to intelligently monitor and maintain their deployments. For more information visit or call (888) 577-2898.

About LifeSafety Power

LifeSafety Power has effectively shifted the paradigm of the power supply industry by creating a new category of intelligent power management solutions that provide robust, proactive analytics to mission-critical devices. This new standard of performance by LifeSafety Power substantially adds to overall system health, performance and reliability.  LifeSafety Power, headquartered near Chicago, has won numerous industry awards and accolades for product design and innovation. For more information, please visit LifeSafety Power or call (888) 577-2898.