Guest Contributions

At Brilliance Security Magazine, we love the idea of building a community. A community where a myriad of diverse views, thoughts, and opinions can be shared.

We invite you to share your security-related content here on BSM. If you are knowledgeable and feel strongly about some aspect of security, please send us a pitch for a guest contribution.

A few guidelines:

  • We will consider articles, infographics, and explainer videos.
  • The submitter must have created the content or own the copyright for the material – it must be yours to give.
  • The content must be original – not published on another website.
  • The content must be relevant to the security industry – cyber or physical.
  • We will consider all content regardless of the size, but we have found that articles with 700 to 1000 words perform the best.
  • Please provide a headshot and short bio for the author.

We’re sorry that we can’t pay for guest contributions – but we can provide access to hundreds of thousands of security professionals, so you can get some great exposure.

For those guest contributors that are interested in the widest possible circulation of their article, please consider our Article Promotion Service.

Brilliance Security Magazine’s professional writing staff can also write an article for you if you prefer (Article Promotion Service required for BSM created content).

For consideration, please send the finished content or an outline to