AI-based platform and mobile application delivers the value of data to transform health monitoring during COVID-19 Northridge, Calif. —Davista, a provider of artificial intelligence for physical security and law enforcement, today announced the availability of its AI-powered social distancing platform. The solution is designed to help businesses, organizations, and government agencies ensure […]


By Ezra Vazquez-D’Amico, Manager of The last four years have seen a growing awareness about the value of personal data and how exposed individuals are to nefarious forces, abuse, and hacks. With tech giants reaching multi-billion dollar valuations based on their monetization of personal data, coupled with high profile hacks and […]

How Data Decentralization, Encryption, and Security Can Enhance Trust in ...

From financial services to education, nearly every industry relies on API feeds to remain competitive and generate revenue. In S2E11 former team leader of an elite Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) cyber unit and current CEO of Salt Security, Roey Eliyahu, cautions that API security must be part of an organization’s […]

API Protection – The Overlooked Business Continuity Strategy

By Mark Webb-Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Network Box An application or operating system crash seems to be the norm with modern computers. We have all become used to frequently saving our work, hitting that ‘Relaunch’ button, and carrying on from where we were interrupted. But have you ever wondered about […]

Bugs, Crashes, and Vulnerabilities

By Rita Jiselle Earlier this year, the FBI flagged warnings about chronic Kwampirs malware attacks, although news surrounding this first came to light in April 2018. This was based on reports by US cybersecurity firm Symantec, who suspected that a certain ‘Orangeworm’ utilized Kwampirs malware on companies in the supply […]

Kwampirs Malware: How Can We Protect Ourselves From It?

With a recent announcement, Senserva launched a new product, dubbed SenservaPro. This patent-pending solution is a serverless cloud platform that keeps a company’s data, user accounts, and cloud environment secure through interactive user review and risk assessment of a client’s accounts and configurations.  Founded by Internet security pioneer Mark Shavlik, […]

New Security Platform for Managing Microsoft 365 and Azure Active ...

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses have to tackle a lot of obstacles. With health hazards and economic droughts threatening companies, preventing cybercrime may not seem like a priority right now. Despite the way it may seem, companies would benefit from learning some […]

Why Small Businesses Need to Prioritize Cybersecurity During COVID-19

It’s not exactly an age-old question, but one that gets a lot of attention these days. To be generous, let’s assume that everyone is interested in adhering to behavior that is suggested by public health officials as a way to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus. But, sometimes we […]

To Mask or Not to Mask?

By Megan Nichols, Technical Writer and Editor at Schooled By Science. Today’s landscape is one where enterprises cannot afford to ignore risks and losses stemming from failures to stop a cyber threat. However, some leaders need encouragement with getting on board with cybersecurity best practices. Here are some crucial things […]

How to Help Businesses Detect Cyber Threats

Ransomware attacks have nearly tripled as businesses have pivoted to remote workforces the last few months, which has put further strain on organizations already struggling to cope with the economic downturn. 60% of all ransomware attacks targeted SMBs more than any other industry Over $11.5 billion in damages for businesses hit by ransomware attacks […]

Infographic: Ransomware Is Something We Should Be Worried About

By Jack Warner Bug bounty is the term used to describe the reward paid out to developers who find critical flaws in a piece of software or website. Simply put, bug bounty programs offer prizes to white-hat hackers who can find vulnerabilities in an application. Prizes can be in the […]

Bug Bounty Programs and Why They Are Important

By Peter Kelley Google and AppViewX have announced Google’s new Certificate Authority Service (CAS) to secure applications, and the CAS integration with AppViewX to deliver seamless deployment and management of cloud public key infrastructure (PKI). The move is geared to meet the growing demand for containerized certificate management across DevOps […]

Google Certificate Authority Service, AppViewX Team for Seamless Deployment ...