By Peter Kelley OneTrust, a fast-growing data privacy, compliance and governance enterprise platform backed by leading VCs, has acquired Shared Assessments, the global membership organization dedicated to developing the best practices, education, and tools to drive third-party risk assurance.  Recent global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Solar Winds […]

OneTrust Acquires Shared Assessments, Third-Party Risk Management Leaders

AppViewXpert™ program helps drive new opportunities and maximize profitability for partners as demand for Machine Identity Management and Application Delivery Automation grows. Gartner has named Machine Identity Management one of the top security and risk management trends for 2021, reinforcing the absolute need for a robust, end-to-end solution that can […]

New AppViewX Channel Program to Drive New Opportunities

By Dan Baker, SecureTeam Vulnerability scanning and penetration tests are two very different ways to test your system for any vulnerabilities. Despite this, they are often confused as the same service, which leads to business owners purchasing one service when they are really in need of the other.  In an […]

Which Is More Important: Vulnerability Scans Or Penetration Tests?

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Communication is an incomparable business tool. It brings customers and employees together to facilitate sales and solve inquiries, whether in person or over the internet. With the rise of virtual communication products like apps and chatbots, businesses are shifting the way they interact with consumers. […]

6 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Customer Communication Tools

Blue Hexagon racks up another honor among AI cybersecurity firms. The number of applications for artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is growing rapidly. From what was theoretical only a few years ago to solutions that bring substantial benefits to cyber defense operations today, AI now can stop cyber adversaries and malware […]

Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startup Making Its Mark

By Mike Khorev Currently, the Internet has become an essential component of our daily routine. Many services accessible online lead more people to patronize Internet usage. The demand increases drastically as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide.   With limited physical interactions, various fields of our society have been stagnant for a […]

An Introduction to the Analysis of Privacy on the Internet

By Tamas Kadar, Co-Founder and CEO of SEON, the fraud fighters The costs of cybercrime exceeded $1 trillion in 2020, up 50% from 2018. Ordinary people around the world were moving more aspects of their life online, with a number of people using eCommerce for the first time and employees […]

From Account Farming to Wardrobing – A dictionary of cybersecurity ...

In Episode S3E3, we talk with Kim Loy, Chief Product Officer at ACRE, a global networking and security solution leader. We probe whether cloud-based physical access systems have lived up to their expected adoption by end-users. We look at some of the potential cybersecurity risks associated with exposing physical access […]

Cybersecurity for Physical Access Control in the Cloud

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Throughout the pandemic, airports have been one of the hardest-hit sectors. Traveling by plane is far from where it used to be in terms of physical and digital security. In fact, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), 324 million passengers traveled by plane in 2020, […]

2021 Airport Security Predictions: Physical and Cybersecurity Trends

DoD Supply Chain Can Now Benefit From Steel Root’s Unique CMMC Compliance Services in Combination With Zscaler’s FedRAMP-Authorized Zero Trust Secure Access Technology SALEM, MA (March 2021) – Steel Root, a leading cybersecurity services firm that specializes in compliance for the U.S. Defense Industrial Base, announces that they have partnered with Zscaler, Inc. to […]

Steel Root Partners with Zscaler to Support CMMC Requirements for ...

By Emily Newton People often discuss the blockchain in cryptocurrency conversations and, increasingly, when bringing up ways to secure the supply chain and achieve better transparency for all involved parties. However, it offers broader applications, too. Could the blockchain improve security in the online realm? Many people believe so. Here […]

How Is Blockchain Improving Cybersecurity?