In Episode S3E7 our guest is Zack Schuler. Zack is the founder and CEO of NINJIO – a global cybersecurity awareness company that teaches employees and their families how not to get hacked. Zack is an authority on cybersecurity, employee engagement, and related tech issues. He has written for Forbes, […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Training – Why It Works

By Jeff Broth Security testing is crucial, especially as cyber threats continuously evolve with no signs of stopping or slowing down.  To achieve the best outcomes from the security solutions employed in an organization, it is not enough to have the best tools and keep them up to date. There […]

How to Continually Test Security Controls and Boost Security Posture

Data Lab is the first in a series of tools to help security companies make better-informed business decisions through easy access to customizable dashboards monitoring key performance indicators. Montreal, Canada — TrackTik, an innovative and growing security workforce management software provider that helps the physical security industry deliver security services, […]

TrackTik Launches Data Lab to Transform Data into Key Business ...

By Pankaj Singh The global cybersecurity market has established itself as a tremendously lucrative investment avenue in recent years due to the increasing demand for security solutions across several enterprises throughout the world. Several industries and firms spread across the globe are adopting cybersecurity solutions to safeguard their online financial […]

3 Major Trends Influencing the Global Cybersecurity Market Outlook Over ...

By Cyril James The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented crisis in the cybersecurity environment and has confined people to their homes. As a result, work from home has taken precedence, and organizations have adapted quickly to this new change to enable employees to work from home.  This has […]

How to Manage Ransomware Attacks against Your Remote Workforce

By Oren Rofman What are web applications? They are apps that operate on web servers. In contrast to client-based software that needs to be installed on local devices, web apps can be accessed and used through web browsers. This very nature of web apps makes it crucial to ensure their […]

Top Cybersecurity Measures to Protect Web Applications

By Antonio Moore Introduction Since PHP is widely used and popular, PHP security is crucial and the number of vulnerable PHP applications is large. PHP is as secure as any other programming language. According to research, it helps to power more than 70% of the global web applications by making […]

5 Security Tips to protect your PHP website from Intruders

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Every job comes with unique stresses, like making presentations or compiling reports. Your safety is the last thing on your mind because you go to work and make it home every day. Still, emergencies can happen, especially with the rise in mass shootings. Should you have […]

Should You Have an Active Shooter Plan for Your Office?

By Dan May, Commercial Director at ramsac Software is not without its vulnerabilities. Even if these flaws exist unintentionally, any backdoor or point of unauthorised access can be exploited advantageously by cyber-criminals, which is why programmers analyse for, and “patch”, these vulnerabilities. Software needs to be monitored tightly, and routinely, to […]

Lessons to Learn from the 2021 Microsoft Exchange Zero-day Attack

By: Zack Schuler, founder and CEO of NINJIO As daily life continues to migrate online, the need for cybersecurity is universal – no matter who you are, protecting yourself from the ever-evolving cyberthreats out there is becoming more important all the time. But some groups are more vulnerable than others, […]

Show dad how to stay safe online this Father’s Day

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, As more people get vaccinated and states lift their pandemic restrictions, businesses must reconsider their security protocols. Whether that’s taking new preventive measures or upgrading current systems, now is the time to make changes. Businesses in all industries had to keep up with federal and state […]

5 Security Tips for Businesses Reopening in 2021

By Emily Newton Many approaches to data center security focus on stopping attacks that originate in the online realm. Indeed, protecting against those incidents is essential for a well-functioning data center. However, it’s also vital to improve physical security. Here are some actionable ways to do that. Use the Five […]

How To Incorporate Physical Security Measures in Your Data Center