TRG Repositions Itself with a New Global Brand and Advanced Website for 2024

TRG, a globally recognized managed solutions provider, recently announced the launch of its revitalized brand and a new, dynamic website. This development marks a significant step in TRG’s journey as it begins 2024 with a more robust global presence following substantial growth.

The CEO of TRG, Sean Kennedy, expressed the company’s excitement about the rebranding, noting that it reflects the evolution of their services and their growing international reach. He highlighted the company’s focus on expanding geographically and in terms of talent, strengthening its role as a leader in the endpoint management industry.

TRG, known for its enterprise, industrial, and retail technology solutions, assists organizations in maintaining efficient operations. The company offers a wide range of services for various devices, including smartphones, laptops, printers, tablets, and rugged handhelds. These services encompass the entire lifecycle of an endpoint, from purchase and installation to repair, replacement, and disposal.

The company’s recently acquired entities, Symec in the UK and Europe and Real World Communications in Canada, will also be integrated into the new TRG brand. This move is part of TRG’s strategy to provide exceptional, device-agnostic support throughout the entire endpoint lifecycle, aiming to enhance operational efficiency for businesses globally.

TRG’s comprehensive services cover forward and reverse logistics, maintenance, unified endpoint management, networking, media and consumables, service hub management, white labeling, cybersecurity, and financing & leasing. These services are crucial in ensuring that client operations are smooth and efficient.

The company’s dedication to its clients is emphasized by Kennedy, who pointed out that being privately owned allows them to consider their customers as their stakeholders, striving to offer the best and most extensive services possible. TRG’s clientele includes top international airlines and leading brands in various sectors.

The new brand launch includes a revamped mission statement, logo, tagline, and an international website showcasing TRG’s expanded service portfolio and partnerships with leading OEMs. The new mission statement, “To lead the future of enterprise endpoint technology,” and the tagline, “Endpoint Perfection,” reflect the company’s commitment to addressing large-scale business challenges and striving for excellence in its field.

Amy Martin, TRG’s chief marketing officer, highlighted TRG’s unique position in the industry, stating that the company stands alone in its field. The new branding, she believes, mirrors this mindset and sets the course for the company’s innovation strategy in the coming years.

About TRG

TRG is a global, privately owned managed solutions provider that manages the full lifecycle of every enterprise endpoint. Our mission is to lead the future of enterprise technology. To learn more, visit

TRG is owned by TruWest Holdings, a private holding company that scales companies focused on managing, selling and supporting enterprise technologies.

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